Past ATTRITION News (the relevant ones to note at least)


10.18.21          review: Bo Burnham: Inside, Masters of the Universe, WandaVision S1, Mindhunter S1-2

09.28.21          review: Free Guy, The Green Knight, Reminiscence, Hacks S1

09.22.21          review: Blue Jasmine, The Vault, Gunpowder Milkshake, Candyman

09.06.21          review: The Protege, Snake Eyes, The Suicide Squad, Wrath of Man

08.07.21          news: Attrition Facts Blog

08.01.21          review: F9: The Fast Saga, Those Who Wish Me Dead, Nobody, Big Sky

07.23.21          review: Fear Street Trilogy, Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, Pig, Crime of the Century

07.16.21          review: Standing in the Shadows of Motown, Shadow and Bone, Raya and the Last Dragon, Black Widow

07.05.21          review: The Irregulars, Tomorrow War, The Watch, and Debris

07.01.21          news: BsidesLV/DEF CON 22 Attrition Box of (awesome) Shit

06.25.21          errata: EC-Council Plagiarizes Secureworks

06.24.21          review: Cruella, Lupin Part 2, Synchronic, Exposed

06.21.23          errata: EC-Council Deflects After Calls of Most Recent Plagiarism

06.21.21          errata: EC-Council Plagiarizes Alyssa Miller

06.16.21          review: Stowaway, Infinite, Mare of Easttown, and Spontaneous

06.11.21          news: Birthday wishes for Lyger & mauvehed

06.05.21          errata: Legal Threats - Attrition copy is FIN in favor of crowdsourced version

05.31.21          news: New Blood, Old Habits, and the Same Shit

05.31.21          news: New Blood, Old Habits, and the Same Shit

05.31.21          blog: Perlroth, Terminology, and Hyperbole

05.25.21          review: FAQ updated. Finally.

05.25.21          review: Chopper, Yin Yang Master, Land, and Dark

05.07.21          review: Vanquish, The Marksman, Mortal Kombat, and Never Rarely Sometimes Always

05.03.21          review: Without Remorse, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, Voyagers, and Kodachrome

04.25.21          review: Queen of Katwe, Falcon & Winter Soldier, Barbaren / Barbarians, and Knight's Tale

04.15.21          review: Luzhin Defence, La Piovra/The Octopus, Magic, How to Build a Girl, Sorry For Your Loss

04.12.21          errata: EC-Council Blocks Women in Cybersecurity After Sexist Survey

04.12.21          errata: EC-Council ECSA Certification is Sexist

04.12.21          blog: Saving Bugtraq

04.08.21          review: Marshland, The One, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Bad Trip

03.30.21          review: Day of the Triffids, Sweet Dreams, SAS: Red Notice, Allen v. Farrow

03.24.21          review: Cherry, 3022, The Ballad of Lefty Brown, Unknown

03.22.21          blog: Perlroth & The First (Zero-Day) Broker

03.21.21          mirror: Web Page Hack Mirror Re-Opened

03.13.21          blog: Zero-days: Two Questions from Perlroth

03.06.21          review: Coming 2 America, Cosmic Sin, I Care A Lot, Point Blank

02.24.21          review: Breaking and Entering, The Final Girls, Seungriho / Space Sweepers, Silk Road (2021)

02.12.21          review: Palmer, Vox/Lux, Underwater, The Next Three Days

02.07.21          review: The One, Outside the Wire, The Sparks Brothers, Coyote Season 1

01.25.21          review: The Uninvited, Lupin, The Unicorn Store, News of the World

01.23.21          review: Batman: Year One, Freaks, Joker, Aquaman

01.16.21          review: The Speed Cubers, After Life, Prospect, Rememory

01.08.21          review: Häxan, Soul, Kajillionaire, Greenland


12.31.20          review: Devs, The Invisible War, Ted Lasso, Sucker Punch

12.26.20          review: Wonder Woman 1984, The Midnight Sky, Silver Linings Playbook, Marauders, War Inc.

12.26.20          review: Wonder Woman 1984, The Midnight Sky, Silver Linings Playbook, Marauders, War Inc.

12.24.20          review: Fatman [seven different reviews]

12.19.20          review: Ready Player Two, The Devil Has a Name, The Queen's Gambit, A Call to Spy, The Jesus Rolls

12.11.20          review: New 'Content' review section is live! We're more than movie critics...

12.11.20          review: A Rainy Day in New York, Tenet, The New Mutants, 2067

11.15.20          news: Our Support of Black Lives Matter and LGBQT Pride

04.12.20          rant: A Slight Change


07.28.17          rant: Tales from a DEF CON CFP Troll

07.13.17          postal: twitter postal: Barney, Friends, Disorders & Disease

06.20.17          postal: twitter postal: Justice Trimmed Her Toenails

06.04.17          postal: i can't quit you baby


04.24.16          postal: heard you missed us, we're back


08.23.13          review: movie: Beautiful Creatures

01.06.13          news: Box of Space Rogue Shit


07.15.12          news: Attrition, DEFCON 20, and a Bit of Advice

07.09.12          rant: Building A Better Anonymous

05.23.12          rant: Vulnerability Research Labs - Most Worthless Advisories Award, 2012

03.05.12          sellout: Schwag (was re: those jerks sold out)

02.06.12          postal: Get Your SEO On

01.21.12          postal: Kiss my Irish Republican ass, you Leftist puke. (a tribute to Cancer Omega)

01.02.12          rant: Five Dollar Security; You Get What You Pay For


09.18.11          review: Movie: Hanna

07.28.11          contest: Defcon 19 Contest - Spot the Charlatan

07.27.11          sellout: So you want a "Lazlo" T-shirt...

07.25.11          rebuttal: We Are InfoSec Professionals... Not The Beatles

07.08.11          rebuttal: The Pyrrhic Benefit of FUD

07.07.11          rebuttal: Microsoft, Unhackable and Ridiculous

06.21.11          postal: stop... BeAsTaH time.

06.16.11          rebuttal: New Page Created

06.04.11          rant: Absolute Sownage; A concise history of recent Sony hacks

05.27.11          article: A Curmudgeonly Reply to an Anti-Curmudgeon Rant (in two parts)

05.21.11          article: Information Security and Professional Wrestling: "Working" In An Industry

05.12.11          news: Belated "Blame APT" Day

05.08.11          article: Over Reliance on Social Network Friends in Zynga Games

03.19.11          errata: Crowd Sourcing the New Errata Section, 'Prediction Fail'

03.07.11          postal: you can put on makeup, but you can't hide crazy

02.28.11          postal: Asshats: Joseph K. Black of Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting

01.03.11          errata: The State of the Errata Project

01.03.11          errata: Ankit Fadia / Manu Zacharia - "Network Intrusion Alert" Heavily Plagiarized


12.06.10          postal: everything old is new again

10.30.10          postal: make awkward sexual advances, not war

09.20.10          rant: 7 Ways That I Can Tell That the Security Industry Bores Me

09.18.10          news: We got another box-of-shit.

09.14.10          rant: Hello MPAA, I'm a Pirate

09.08.10          postal: Asshats: Shon Harris of LogicalSecurity

08.16.10          postal: Asshats: Jon Lybrook of WordSecure

08.11.10          postal: packaging a hooker requires time that we just don't have

07.14.10          auction: Security Con Media Collection on eBay

07.02.10          rant: InfoSec, Sun Tzu and the Art of Whore

06.19.10          postal: we're great neighbors, unless you suck

05.23.10          news: State of the Attrition Address (redux)

05.15.10          review: Book: American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us

04.17.10          auction: Unique collection of "hacker" stickers

04.15.10          rant: Layman-"Hackers" Driving Up Searches for Beef Jerky

04.05.10          rant: Ejection Seats, Cooking Dinner and Vuln Disclosure

03.20.10          rant: Jericho's stalkee gets a box of shit

03.20.10          rant: Box of Shit History

03.19.10          review: movie: Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" By Sapphire

03.18.10          postal: don't pinch me, my bile is green

01.10.10          postal: i'm the only sour cherry on the fruit stand


12.22.09          news: Lazlo and HNN: We Gotta Talk

12.13.09          news: Lazlo is an enabler ( flasks for sale)

11.29.09          postal: another year, another T.R.O.

11.23.09          news: Mascot named. Meet...

11.09.09          review: movie: The Family Stone

10.26.09          news: Contest: Name Our Mascot

09.12.09          postal: that little one was like Joe Pesci with tits

08.26.09          errata: Auto Fail: Automatic Update Mechanism Failure

08.22.09          review: music: Cat Power & Juliette Lewis

08.15.09          postal: Strap-on Saturday!!

08.11.09          rant: Reporting terrorism, affect your credit? (we're doomed)

08.08.09          review: Book: The Safety Minute :01

07.19.09          rant: Retriever Software - Providing real time spamming via Twitter

07.18.09          review: ESVA: The best things in life are free.

07.14.09          rant: I'm angry, because I have a vagina.

07.11.09          rant: Stalker Box of Shit

06.26.09          postal: and in other news... Michael Jackson is still dead.

06.22.09          news: attrition Box of Shit, part 4

05.16.09          postal: gimme a few, in wintergrasp killing alliance!

05.08.09          rant: PCI: A Brand, Not a Security Standard

04.22.09          news: Open Security Foundation Wins the SC Magazine 2009 Editor's Choice Award

04.17.09          news: We Twitter, Therefore We Suck

04.04.09          review: Movie: Twilight

03.27.09          podcast: Risky Business #100 -- L0phtCrack is back, Jericho Speaks

03.20.09          postal: ever hear of chinnuts?

03.15.09          news: Buy Lyger a New Mattress Fund

02.14.09          news: Happy Valentines Day Assholes

01.19.09          errata: Legal Threats Against Security Researchers

01.13.09          postal: bleeding like a mob hit


12.21.08          errata: charlatans: Ankit Fadia, "young hacker" and author

12.09.08          rant: I hate you, Email

12.08.08          review: movie: The Dark Knight

12.06.08          postal: happy holidays... Inotify watch removals suck violently

11.08.08          review: audio books: Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn Unabridged Audiobook CD

11.01.08          rant: Security Systems and the Stock Market: How Do You Invest?

10.27.08          errata: Certified Pre-Owned

10.11.08          review: Movie: Rules of Engagement

09.11.08          postal: disappearing pencil trick

09.09.08          news: Data Loss Mail List Has Moved

08.23.08          postal: ;DECLARE%20@S%20CHAR(4000);SET%20

08.16.08          rant: How a PR Miracle can save VMware from itself

08.11.08          news: Back from Vegas: Good, Bad, and Fugly

07.28.08          rant: A Decade of Oracle Security

07.26.08          postal: putting the sensual back in non-consensual

07.25.08          rant: Brief analysis of "Analyzing Websites for User-Visible Security Design Flaws"

07.15.08          news: Open Security Foundation To Maintain's Data Loss Database - Open Source

07.12.08          news:'s new shirt on eBay

06.28.08          postal: somebody has a case of the mondays

06.20.08          review: Movies: In the Name of the King, Balls of Fury, Reno 911!: Miami

06.11.08          rant: Useless Compensation for Data Loss Incidents

06.02.08          dataloss: Into the Second Millenium

05.24.08          postal: like shooting fish in the bitstream

05.09.08          review: Movie: The King

04.15.08          postal: spam is our favorite color

04.11.08          dataloss: A new beginning

04.11.08          dataloss: This is the end...

03.24.08          review: Movie: The Prestige

03.22.08          postal: rubber gates of hell

03.18.08          rant: Abandon Ship! Data Loss Ahoy!

03.15.08          review: Movies: I Am Legend, Rescue Dawn, Transformers

03.15.08          dataloss: Call to Arms: In Search of Bigger DLDOS

03.02.08          contest: Design's Next T-Shirt and Win an Old One!

02.23.08          postal: shove that red pill right up your ass

02.15.08          rant: Box of Shit, the Revenge

02.08.08          rant: another box of shit

02.07.08          rant: box of shit

01.31.08          review: Movies: Spartan, Kaena, Secondhand Lions, Phantom of the Opera

01.08.08          postal: i'm having egg issues today

01.03.08          news: Groups: Record Data Breaches in 2007


12.17.07          news: OSVDB 2.0 Released

12.08.07          postal: throw, go, bitch

11.18.07          postal: we started a joke... that started the whole world crying

11.10.07          tutorial: Grilled Cheese Sammiches: Things That Make Ya Go 'UNF'

10.24.07          dataloss: Data Loss "Unplugged"

10.15.07          postal: looks like we picked the wrong week to quit drinking (and heroin)

10.05.07          postal: Medica Health Plan makes legal threats over a Data Loss entry

10.01.07          rant: how Apple iPWNED my iPhone

09.16.07          postal: let them eat asscake

09.09.07          review: Movies: Oceans 13, Pirates: At World's End, Live Free or Die Hard, Transformers

09.07.07          rant: Good Kids

09.03.07          postal: Joe, there's no time for a hand job

08.13.07          blog: Oops! exposes students' personal info in Google

08.12.07          postal: in search of klingon ass

08.06.07          rant: We're baaaaaaaack....

08.01.07          rant: When the cats are away, the mice will play

07.28.07          review: Movies: The Return, Breach, Mr. Brooks, Bridge to Terabithia, Speak

07.20.07          rant: What The Hell Was He Thinking?

07.19.07          rant: Partial Truths: A Guide to Legally Covering Up a Data Loss Incident

07.14.07          postal: the pigeon is not screaming

07.03.07          rant: Surf No Evil: The Fight Against Big Brother

06.22.07          rant: See No Evil: A Background On Content Filters

06.16.07          postal: the cow was not pleased

05.30.07          review: Movie: Broken Bridges

05.27.07          postal: burlap itches at 3am

05.20.07          news: Jericho must die.

05.09.07          review: Movie: Meet the Robinsons

05.06.07          news: The Life of Brian (on the road again)

05.04.07          review: Movie: The Pianist

04.28.07          postal: Folder: cluebag Message 1 of 1,686 (so much retardation in one folder)

04.16.07          review: Movie: Casshern

04.16.07          article: "World of Warcrack"... for a reason

04.14.07          postal: at least our readers win

04.06.07          review: Book: City Come A-Walkin'

03.27.07          review: Movie: 300

03.25.07          postal: sleep, be cute, eat, poop

03.23.07          review: Movie: Children of Men

03.20.07          news: Statistics Updates

03.18.07          review: Movie: The Village

03.16.07          postal: The Return of the Midget Terr'ists

03.07.07          news: A friend in need... is a pest

02.25.07          postal: so double the killer delete select all

02.20.07          dataloss: Why we do this

02.15.07          rant: I read the news today, oh boy...

02.08.07          dataloss: "We recovered the laptop!" ... so what?

01.26.07          postal: nothing... (sad clowns)

01.11.07          rant: MPAA: Idiots At The Helm

01.07.07          postal: flirt squirt blurt

01.04.07          torrent: Attrition Torrents


12.27.06          review: Movie: Perfume: The Story of Murderer

12.26.06          image: Microsoft Vista: ready for a new 0day

12.17.06          review: Movie: The Illusionist

12.16.06          review: Book: Fedora Linux

12.15.06          rant: 100 million... the gloves come off.

12.08.06          postal: ass-first down the chimney

12.03.06          review: Movie: Casino Royale

11.20.06          review: Movie: The Fountain

11.19.06          review: Book: Brave New Ballot

11.17.06          postal: we want our two dollars

11.06.06          review: Movie: Banlieue 13

11.04.06          dataloss: 462 events in DLDOS, backfill project continues

10.28.06          postal: sex FUCK sorry

10.17.06          review: Movie: Firewall

10.09.06          review: Movie: Little Miss Sunshine

10.04.06          rant: Stupid E-mail Disclaimers and the Stupid Users that Use Them

10.02.06          postal: Attrition Web Logs: The Attack of the Lesbian Eskimo Nazis

10.01.06          postal: day's never finished, master's got me working

09.24.06          review: Movie: Lucky Number Slevin

09.23.06          review: Movie: Lady In The Water

09.18.06          dataloss: and Collaborate on DataLoss

09.13.06          review: Movie: Inside Man

09.06.06          review: Movie: Clean

09.05.06          news: RSS Feeds Now Available for News and Dataloss

09.03.06          postal: moop... moop.. moop

08.30.06          dataloss: Introducing the Data Loss Database - Open Source

08.22.06          review: Book: Way of the Peaceful Warrior

08.21.06          postal: Attrition Web Logs: wtf??

08.16.06          dataloss article: the AOL search history DB snafu

08.12.06          news: call for volunteers... again!

07.30.06          postal: asparagus for the soul

07.07.06          news: A new beginning for InfoSec News

07.07.06          postal: when you scrape the bottom of the barrel, stuff floats to the top

07.06.06          postal: Attrition Web Logs: A Study of Oddballs

06.27.06          dataloss rant: 88 million... is it really an accurate number?

06.16.06          postal: land of the weird and the home of the strange

06.15.06          news: The Coke Scam

06.13.06          news: Drink Coke, Support Attrition

06.11.06          review: Movie: Harold and Maude - 1971

05.29.06          postal: our beer mugs runneth over

05.23.06          article: Social Implications of Keysigning

05.21.06          rant: Do people really care about their own personal information?

05.06.06          review: Movie: Antitrust - 2001

05.05.06          review: Movie: Hackers - 1995

05.04.06          postal: why can't the TILFs mail us?

05.03.06          review: Movie: WarGames - 1983

05.02.06          errata: Data Loss: 65 events since 06.01.01

04.24.06          review: Book: Security Log Management

04.02.06          postal: march of the assclowns

03.31.06          news: Security Analysis Websites Form New Public-Interest Firm

03.15.06          review: Book: High-Tech Crimes Revealed

03.13.06          review: Movies: Running Scared, Cube 2, Maria Full of Grace, Hotel Rwanda

03.12.06          postal: open up and say... HUHGLUGHULGHULGH

03.08.06          errata: new statistics updates

03.05.06          news: in fiction

02.05.06          music: Free Dominguez: Freedoming

02.05.06          music: Juliette and the Licks: Speaking My Language

01.31.06          news: Data Loss Mail List Announcement

01.17.06          charlatan: Steve Gibson claims WMF vulnerability is a Microsoft backdoor

01.02.06          rant: US-CERT: A disgrace to vulnerability statistics


12.31.05          rant: The plague

12.26.05          admin: state of the attrition address

12.24.05          postal: happy holidays (attrition staff special)

11.26.05          errata: Sony DRM Timeline

11.10.05          site: OSVDB Blog

11.05.05          postal: moo moo buckaroo

11.05.05          errata: data loss updates - 130+ entries since creation

11.05.05          advisories: advisories caught up - 11,000+ in archive

10.25.05          postal: welcome to goodburger, home of the goodburger...

10.19.05          postal: dink... dink... dink...

08.10.05          review: Movie: Wicker Park

07.31.05          news: Update: pigeon

07.28.05          errata: Statistics 2.0

07.05.05          errata: Companies & Data Loss

06.16.05          news: Attrition is now recruiting..

05.15.05          postal: we need a higher class of idiots

03.24.05          rant: Random Comments on the Symantec Internet Threat Report 2005

02.04.05          rant: Cisco: There is no fixed software for this issue.

01.15.05          postal: probably


12.20.04          review: Movies: Collateral, The Clearing, I, Robot

12.20.04          review: Movie: Dirty Pretty Things

11.29.04          other: Questionable Content

11.11.04          review: Movie: The Passion of the Christ

11.10.04          postal: spleh

11.09.04          review: Movie: My First Mister

10.19.04          review: Movie: Cellular

19.18.04          review: Movie: Man on Fire

10.11.04          postal: endless harassment is the only reason you see updates

09.28.04          review: Movie: The Forgotten

09.21.04          review: Movie: Hero

09.12.04          review: Movies: Suspect Zero, Catwoman, The Exorcist: The Beginning

09.12.04          review: Movie: Open Water

08.31.04          news: OSVDB Opens Vendor Dictionary

08.26.04          review: Movie: 21 Grams

08.26.04          review: Movie: Bubba Ho-Tep

08.07.04          postal: help me! help me! i'm a retard!

08.01.04          misc: Pigeon

07.23.04          review: Movie: Monster

07.19.04          postal: roadblock just threw up, it's a sign

07.06.04          postal: 4th of July.. 4 IQ..

07.06.04          review: Movie: Super Size Me

07.06.04          review: Movie: Spiderman 2

06.25.04          review: Movie: The Chronicles of Riddick

06.25.04          review: Movie: Kill Bill: Volume 2

06.22.04          postal: big stupids

06.14.04          review: Movie: You Got Served

05.31.04          postal: almost as fun as a Garden Claw

05.26.04          postal: quality of my online life diminishes

05.13.04          rant: PayPal: Libel, Slander, Theft and Extortion

05.08.04          postal: 10 moron e-mailers .. a new play

05.08.04          review: Movie: Van Helsing

04.27.04          news: Chick-fil-A threatens to sue

04.26.04          postal: are we there yet?

04.07.04          review: Movie: House of Sand and Fog

04.05.04          review: Movies: Walking Tall, Dawn of the Dead, Matchstick Men

04.03.04          postal: AOL, AV and Assholes - 3 A's of Postal

04.01.04          news: Open Source Vulnerability Database Opens for Public Access

03.22.04          article: The Joke Known As Federal IT Security Oversight

03.15.04          postal: i'm so slack

02.20.04          postal: AOL should pay me soon

02.20.04          review: Movies: Miracle, Master and Commander, Along Came Polly, Butterfly Effect

02.15.04          article: The Anti-Virus Industry Scam

02.14.04          news: Happy Valentines Day Bitch

02.14.04          article: Bush's USA-PATRIOT Bandwagon

02.14.04          review: Movie: Master and Commander

02.14.04          review: Movie: Gothika

01.28.04          article: Anti-Virus Companies: Tenacious Spammers

01.18.04          postal: back to the grind

01.10.04          article: Dialing D (as in, "Duh!") for Homeland Security

01.04.04          review: Movie: Identity

01.01.04          review: Movie: Paycheck


12.31.03          news: Happy New Years

12.31.03          postal: our new year's resolution: be nicer to the idiots

12.16.03          review: Movie: Scary Movie 3, A Man Apart, The Human Stain

12.15.03          postal: dedicated to DVD testers. don't ask.

12.11.03          news: OSVDB Recruiting

12.11.03          review: Movie: Runaway Jury

12.04.03          postal: Happy Trails

11.25.03          article: The Bush News Network (or N3: "the NeoCon News Network")

11.23.03          review: Movies: Bringing Down the House, Business of Strangers, Radio

11.19.03          postal: Double shot of stupidity, coming right up!

11.14.03          article: My Own PR Assault against Microsoft

11.14.03          review: Movie: Phone Booth

11.13.03          article: Microsoft's New Security Mojo

11.13.03          article: Commentary: ABC's Homeland Security Drama "Threat Matrix"

11.08.03          review: Netflix Movie Rentals

11.08.03          review: Movie: Kill Bill Vol I

11.08.03          review: Movie: Mystic River

11.04.03          postal: Something a little different..

10.24.03          review: Movie: Out of Time

10.21.03          review: Movie: School of Rock

10.08.03          article: Spinning SiteFinder: FUD, brought to you by VeriSign

10.08.03          review: Movie: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

10.04.03          review: Movie: Underworld

10.04.03          review: Movie: Cold Creek Manor

10.01.03          review: Movie: The Italian Job

09.22.03          postal: Orange is the Color of My Revolution

09.27.03          news: Verizon banned from accessing

09.27.03          review: Movie: Chicago

09.27.03          review: Movie: S.W.A.T.

09.14.03          review: Movie: Drumline

09.14.03          review: Movie: The Order

09.12.03          article: High-Tech Heroin

09.05.03          book: Weapons of Mass Delusion, read about the hype

09.05.03          gallery: CLOSED due to bandwidth abuse

08.21.03          article: Microsoft Security Bulletin they -=should=- issue, but won't.

08.16.03          postal: 500 pieces of mail on the wall...

08.07.03          rant: Have you noticed the change?

07.27.03          contest: Bush Caption contest results!

07.17.03          postal: quality material

07.15.03          rant: Deconstructing the Defacer Challenge Hoax/FUD

06.17.03          postal: U R S2PID, I H8 U

05.28.03          news: This is what happens when governments try to ban guns

05.18.03          how: "How do you block inline linking and serve up that custom image?"

05.14.03          postal: justice, poetry, PR and more. well rounded postal

05.03.03          postal: was it our perfume?

04.26.03          review: Movies: Knockaround Guys

04.26.03          review: Movies: Road to Perdition

04.10.03          news: More problems with SpamCop, go figure.

04.04.03          postal: Reason #2,027 on "why to close port 25"

04.04.03          postal: Richard Buss and Lightspeed Media Corp.

03.30.03          review: Movies: The Hunted

03.07.03          review: Movies: Dark Blue, Cradle 2 The Grave, The Ring, 8 Mile

03.07.03          postal: jerk factor is kind of low

02.22.03          review: Movie: 25th Hour

02.22.03          review: Movie: Darkness Falls

02.15.03          postal: e-mail stupidity knows no bounds

02.15.03          contest: Missing Bush Caption

02.14.03          holiday: Love Stinks

02.14.03          rant: Rick no longer providing columns for Securityfocus

02.06.03          rant: Richard Clarke: American Grandstand

02.02.03          gallery: 4,047 images available

01.24.03          postal: people wonder why i call the internet a cesspool?


12.25.02          news: Merry X-Mas etc.

12.22.02          postal: praise, sagas, links, solutions

12.11.02          review: Movie: Bless the Child, The Astronaut's Wife, American Psycho 2

11.23.02          review: Movie: The Count of Monte Cristo

11.23.02          review: Movie: Minority Report

11.18.02          article: Security Through Soundbyte: The 'Cybersecurity Intelligence' Game

11.03.02          national: Don't Forget to Vote on Tuesday, November 5th!

10.31.02          holiday: GIMME YER CANDY BITCH

10.11.02          news: Downtime and Hoax

09.26.02          wallpaper: Attrition "family" image, by Neil Braun

09.25.02          review: Movie: The Others

09.25.02          review: Music: Vanessa Carlton: Be Not Nobody

09.20.02          review: Movie: The Scorpion King

09.19.02          article: America's National Cybersecurity Strategy: Same Stuff, Different Administration

09.17.02          gallery: Huge re-organization, 3508 images up

09.16.02          postal: Dali would call this Persistance of Whine

09.16.02          review: Movie: Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

09.16.02          review: Movie: Changing Lanes

08.19.02          postal: nothing like a corona, squid and e-mail

08.08.02          review: Movie: Impostor

08.02.02          news: Defcon 10

07.31.02          news: Black Hat Briefings

07.20.02          newbie: Sniffin' the Ether v2.0

07.18.02          postal: spam, patterns, licking, babble, porn and more!

07.18.02          news: Possible downtime due to ISP upgrade/maintenance.

07.18.02          postal: Mystery Guest Postal Reject, Courtesy NMRC

07.04.02          holiday: Happy Fourth of July and all that...

06.06.02          postal: Update: Another voice chimes in on Berryhill's silliness

06.03.02          review: Music: Down II: A Bustle In Your Hedgerow

06.01.02          postal: Strange gets Stranger

05.26.02          article: The Terror Alert They Won't Issue

05.11.02          gallery: 3005 Images

05.03.02          review: Movie: Training Day

05.03.02          review: Movie: Lost Highway

05.03.02          review: Music: The Hives

05.03.02          postal: long overdue I know.. but Godfrey deserved the spotlight.

04.21.02          gallery: 2801 Images

04.16.02          postal: Godfrey Saga Update

04.11.02          news: Expect a day or so of downtime in the next few days.

03.31.02          news: Happy Easter etc

03.14.02          postal: Wrath of the Impotent (legal threat page)

03.08.02          postal: We seem to be flypaper for freaks. Again.

03.03.02          postal: I can't tell which is worse, postal mail or proposed legislation..

03.03.02          review: 2 Days in the Valley

02.26.02          poetry: Poetry Venture #55

02.24.02          review: Movie: John Q.

02.21.02          postal: the trollers are increasing..

02.18.02          review: Movie: The Siege

02.18.02          review: Book: Hackers; Crime In The Digital Sublime

02.17.02          review: Music: Nickelback/Silver Side Up

02.17.02          review: Movie: Brotherhood of the Wolf

02.14.02          postal: Send these lovely people a v-day message!

02.14.02          news: Happy V-Day and some shit

02.13.02          review: Movie: What's Eating Gilbert Grape

02.08.02          security:

01.31.02          wallpaper: More hot pron.. err.. wallpaper for our fans.

01.21.02          music: GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR - concert review

01.21.02          postal: Better than a 35 year old dimwitted physician giving you a rectal exam.

01.18.02          petition: Save Solaris x86!

01.17.02          article: The Gates Declaration and Microsoft Security Day

01.14.02          site: - new infosec portal

01.08.02          review: Movie: Moulin Rouge

01.08.02          postal: I think we get more postal mail than legit mail..

01.08.02          gallery: 1753 Images

01.04.02          review: Movie: The Talented Mr. Ripley

01.03.02          review: Movie: Vanilla Sky

01.02.02          visual: New Attrition Wallpaper

01.01.02          news: Happy New Beer


12.29.01          hosted: Sex Chart gets written about in Wired

12.29.01          review: Movie: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

12.27.01          contest: Results of the Attrition Acronym Contest

12.25.01          news: Happy Holidays

12.22.01          commentary: Several commentary entries added

12.22.01          rant: Who Needs Cyberterrorists? We've Got Microsoft!

12.22.01          poetry: Poetry Venture #54

12.20.01          postal: If only we got paid for dealing with stupidity...

12.17.01          review: Book: Know Your Enemy

12.17.01          review: Movie: Spy Game

12.11.01          news: Big (Invisible) Changes [READ ME]

12.10.01          article: The Harm in Being Harmless

12.10.01          article: On Avoiding The Cable News Establishment

12.05.01          rant: A Curious Response to Crime

12.05.01          news: General Attrition Mayhem List

12.05.01          review: Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

11.29.01          rant: "Microsoft," No. "Mickeysoft", Yes.

11.29.01          misc: Got Lighter?

11.29.01          postal: Since Attrition has been down...

11.28.01          news: Attrition Down Time etc

11.18.01          news: Errata Pages Updated

11.17.01          review: Movie: The Program


11.12.01          gallery: Entire gallery converted to Thumbnails, courtesy of 'album' program

11.11.01          errata: Hack Attacks Revealed by Chirillo

11.11.01          attrition: New Attrition Fractal Wallpaper

11.10.01          postal: Prettier than ever!

11.10.01          rant: Microsoft's Responsible Vulnerability Discosure, The New Non-Issue

11.09.01          contest: Fifth Contest Announcement: Attrition Acronym

11.08.01          how: "How do I get rid of those ugly colors?"

11.08.01          attrition: Attrition Wallpapers (including a new one)!

11.06.01          technical: Firearms Demystified Update

11.05.01          review: Movie: Falling Down

11.04.01          postal: A few of the 9-11 based e-mails we received.

11.03.01          postal: Without powedery white substance

11.02.01          rant: Issuing Macromedia a Certificate of Destruction

10.31.01          news: Samhain

10.31.01          how: "How do you make your web server say 'Temple-of-Hate'?"

10.30.01          how: "How do you create the custom icon next to my bookmark for your site?"

10.30.01          how: "How do you make the random quotes on your front web page?"

10.30.01          review: Movie: A Shock to the System

10.29.01          article: Daddy, Daddy, Can ICANN Play too?

10.28.01          review: Book: The Internet and Society

10.28.01          poetry: Poetry Venture 53

10.27.01          article: America's NERF-Based Security: Reassurance Through Illusion, Rhetoric, and Fear-Mongering

10.26.01          news: Happy Birthday Attrition. Three years old.

10.25.01          contest: Fourth Contest (convo killers) - Results

10.25.01          mail list: Widdershins: Hacking, Politics, and the Internet

10.24.01          article: Microsoft Redux by Carole Fennelly

10.23.01          commentary: SecurityNewsPortal Defaced

10.22.01          news: Kimble & YIHAT Morons Threaten Attrition

10.17.01          article: Microsoft Launches New Security Initiative: Hooray or Ho-hum?

10.17.01          postal: Guaranteed Anthrax free

10.17.01          gallery: Bin Laden Section

10.13.01          review: Movie: Memento

10.13.01          review: Movie: The Musketeer

09.29.01          commentary: BWI Airport website defaced

09.29.01          commentary: ANTIVIRUS Ltda. Defaced

09.21.01          commentary: Patriotic Hacking

09.21.01          news: Attrition expects downtime through today for scheduled maintenance.

09.17.01          news: Staff Response on Our National Tragedy

09.13.01          review: Books: The Road Ahead & Business..

09.13.01          review: Music: Moneen Concert

09.13.01          review: Movie: Gridlock'd

09.12.01          news: People NEED Your Help

09.08.01          review: Movie: Charlie's Angels

09.08.01          review: Movie: Planet of the Apes

09.02.01          postal: When it rains it pours..

09.01.01          postal: I bet the FCC wouldn't like us.

09.01.01          review: Eric's Trip Reunion Tour

08.31.01          article: Netwar!

08.29.01          news: Attrition newbie section moved to

08.28.01          review: Music: Acid Bath: Paegan Terrorism Tactics

08.28.01          review: Music: Acid Bath: When the Kite String Pops

08.25.01          news: Image Gallery Uber-Update

08.23.01          review: Movie: Dracula 2000

08.23.01          review: Movie: The Score

08.23.01          review: Movie: Kiss of the Dragon

08.16.01          postal: A tad more hostile...

08.09.01          article: Message to Vendors: Drop the Mind Games

08.08.01          poetry: Issue 52

08.08.01          review: Movie: Jurassic Park 3

08.08.01          site: GRC Sucks

08.06.01          postal: You people just ain't right in the head

08.05.01          article: Code Red Is Not the Problem

08.04.01          commentary: VeriSign Japan Defaced

08.02.01          review: Movie: Final Fantasy

08.01.01          commentary: Enterasys Networks Brasil defaced

07.31.01          commentary: PoizonBOx spends weekend defacing

07.31.01          commentary: over 15 security related web sites

07.30.01          commentary: Two machines defaced

07.30.01          review: Movie: The Fast and the Furious

07.29.01          review: Movie: The Rage: Carrie 2

07.29.01          review: Movie: 13th Floor, Scary Movie 2, Jurassic Park 3

07.28.01          commentary:, defaced =)

07.27.01          commentary: Followup: Lucent ( defaced twice in hours

07.26.01          article: Know Your Enemy: Statistics

07.26.01          review: Movie: A.I.

07.26.01          review: Movie: Swordfish

07.24.01          commentary: Unethical defacement of ""

07.24.01          article: "Security Through Obscurity" Ain't What They Think

07.24.01          commentary: 18th Microsoft Server Defaced

07.24.01          review: Book - Hack Attacks Denied

07.22.01          news: Blackhat 2001 Attrition Slides available

07.21.01          article: How the DMCA Threatens Both National Security and Individual Freedom

07.21.01          news: Code Red Worm Summary/Info

07.19.01          commentary: Another Microsoft Web site defaced bringing total to 16

07.19.01          commentary: defaced

07.19.01          review: Book: The Room

07.18.01          news: Defcon Summary

07.17.01          commentary: First Jamaican Defacement

07.17.01          commentary: First Monaco Defacement

07.14.01          commentary: The SANS Institute defaced

07.09.01          article: The Microsoft-English Dictionary 1.0

07.01.01          news: Mastercard threatens to sue

06.30.01          contest: 4th Contest - Conversation Killers

07.04.01          review: Movie - Unbreakable

07.04.01          review: Movie - Bits

06.30.01          contest: 3rd Contest Results - Pickup Lines of the Damned

06.30.01          review: Book - Paradoxia

06.29.01          news: PacketStorm in Transition: Details Forthcoming

06.29.01          review: Hack Attacks Revealed

06.27.01          commentary: Defacement Mirror .. Defaced

06.23.01          review: Book - Otherland

06.23.01          review: Movie - The Mummy Returns

06.20.01          postal: No shortage of idiots..

06.20.01          review: Movie - The Legend of Bagger Vance

06.20.01          review: Movie - The Patriot

06.20.01          review: Book - House of Leaves

06.20.01          review: Music - The Marshall Mathers LP

06.12.01          news: Mindsec Relaunch

06.11.01          poetry: Poetry Venture #51

06.10.01          misc: Business and the English language

06.02.01          review: Book - Requiem for a Dream

06.02.01          review: Music - Tool / Lateralus

06.02.01          review: Music - Yo La Tengo

06.02.01          review: Movie - A Knight's Tale

05.30.01          interview: Forced Attrition Interview

05.30.01          review: New Scotch reviews

05.30.01          misc: Can I be a hacker?

05.30.01          review: Movie - New Jack City

05.27.01          postal: Yet Another Postal Installment (YAPI)

05.21.01          news: ATTRITION: Evolution (Defacement Mirror closes)

05.20.01          review: Smile You're Traveling

05.20.01          review: Junky

05.18.01          poetry: Poetry Venture #50

05.18.01          article: Burning Questions, Final Answers

05.10.01          commentary: 8000 Machines hit by sadmind/IIS worm

05.09.01          news: Attrition down?! Oh my!

05.05.01          mirror: Just the beginning? NT Breaks new ground in current defacement spike

05.05.01          newbie: Internet Connection Sharing for a simple home LAN

05.05.01          newbie: The Typical Default Win9x Networking Environment

05.05.01          review: Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea / PJ Harvey

05.04.01          review: Linux-Mandrake 8 Review

05.04.01          review: Arlington Road

05.03.01          commentary: 3 Microsoft sites defaced, corrections

04.29.01          commentary: Cyberwar with China: Self-fulfilling Prophecy

04.29.01          review: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

04.27.01          review: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

04.26.01          mirror: China Spikes: Top Level Domain Activity Logs Updated

04.23.01          article: CERT: The Next Generation

04.20.01          rant: Cashing in on Vaporware

04.20.01          review: Along Came a Spider

04.20.01          review: Get In the Van

04.19.01          review: El Mariachi

04.18.01          review: Movie Bits - Yards, Better Way to Die, Bedazzled

04.15.01          reminder: Bend over, Grab Ankles

04.15.01          poetry: Poetry Venture #49

04.14.01          contest: Pickup Lines of the Damned contest!

04.14.01          postal: Second 'Null' Postal installment!

04.14.01          gallery: 30 more images

04.14.01          review: Like Water for Chocolate

04.11.01          review: Blow

04.11.01          review: Movie Bits - Crow3, Red Planet, 6th Day

04.07.01          gallery: Long overdue Gallery update

04.05.01          postal: Shut up already! It's updated! Leave me alone!

04.05.01          review: Enemy at the Gate

03.24.01          mirror: OS Graphs Updated: Waiting for the Worm to turn

03.23.01          review: Traffic

02.22.01          review: Chicken Run

02.21.01          commentary: Attrition statement on NYT Defacement

02.07.01          exclusive: Interview with Troy Duffy, writer/director of Boondock Saints

02.04.01          misc: Attrition has you now.

01.26.01          article: According to Statistics

01.26.01          news: Internic 101

01.23.01          commentary: Microsoft New Zealand Defaced

01.20.01          commentary: Pentaguard defaces multiple government Web sites in US, UK and AU

01.19.01          fuck: POST MORTEM F.U.C.K.

01.17.01          commentary: State of the Hack Awards #2

01.15.01          postal: Going Postal, the best of Null

01.09.01          mirror: Cute Stat-o-the-month: Day of week and a certain defacement group

01.09.01          mirror: Operating System Graphs are up-to-date through the end of the year

01.05.01          commentary: Top Level Domains: Winners and Losers, 2000


02.31.00          mirror: Defacements by OS (overall) and Defacements by OS by Month Tables

02.30.00          mirror: Updated Annual, Monthly and Defacements Per Day Tables and a Spiff-Co Chart

02.28.00          commentary: Rapid Increase in Windows 2000 in Overall NT Defacements

02.25.00          news: Merry X-Mas or Something

02.24.00          commentary: Defaced: Top Level Domains Report, December 2000

02.10.00          mirror: Total Defacement Graphs Updated

02.09.00          mirror: Pure Trivia Department: Break Down of OS by Top Groups

02.09.00          mirror: Defacements by Operating System Updated through the end of November

02.08.00          tools: Cron-based end-of-month utility for rotating logs

02.04.00          news: General Attrition News

02.02.00          review: The Replacements

02.01.00          review: Mission to Mars

01.30.00          commentary: High Profile Foreign Sites

01.29.00          commentary: Defacement-Commentary Address

01.28.00          review: X-Men DVD

01.25.00          review: Gladiator DVD

01.24.00          review: Director: John Woo

01.24.00          postal: Words do not do justice

01.24.00          news: Happy Thanksgiving

01.21.00          mirror: Overall Defacement Trends Graphs Updated

01.21.00          mirror: Most Active Groups Updated

01.20.00          news: Web Server Graphs updated through November 18, 2000

01.20.00          news: New mailing list: defaced-commentary

01.16.00          gallery: 37 new images

01.15.00          news: Answers to the second challenge! (Tin Mint Cans)

01.09.00          review: Blair Witch Project II

01.08.00          news: And we have a new president...

01.07.00          defaced: for the 2nd time

01.06.00          defaced: GOP Web Site Mirror

01.03.00          news: News around the Attrition Help Desk

01.03.00          mirror: OS graphs updated through the end of October

01.31.00          news: Happy Halloween or something. RAR

01.25.00          rant: Convict them all! A new breed of ambulence chasers

01.25.00          gallery: 44 new images

01.24.00          mirror: Keep up on the NT vs. Linux Derby: All OS graphs updated (finally!)

01.24.00          mirror: Total Defacement Graphs updated.

01.24.00          advisory: Over 500 more advisories added

01.19.00          gallery: 9 new images, keep sending them!

01.19.00          postal: Spare an AK-47?

09.30.00          postal: And the hits keep rolling in...

09.30.00          errata: A small facelift and over 30 new additions

09.28.00          gallery: 32 new images, more coming soon

09.09.00          news: Random News and Happenings

09.03.00          newbie: TCP/IP For Kids by null_session

09.02.00          must read: NIPC - A Failure To Communicate

09.02.00          news: Second Attrition Contest!

08.30.00          postal: Gaggle of great new e-mail!

08.28.00          news: Linux Rising: OS Graphs Updated

08.21.00          security/rant: The Not-So-Scientific Process

08.20.00          review: Movie - The Cell

08.20.00          tool: PHP version of last 10 mirror grabber

08.20.00          tool: Python version of last 10 mirror grabber

08.18.00          news: Most Active Groups Updated

07.31.00          news: ATTRITION Staff has returned from Blackhat/Defcon.

07.28.00          news: Defcon - Few updates as a result

07.26.00          news: Blackhat Briefings - Attrition presenting

07.24.00          news: Preliminary Results: Defacements by Webserver

07.22.00          gallery: 15 new images

07.19.00          article: Another Brick in the Wall: Fighting a losing battle...

07.11.00          interview: Security Focus Radio interviews Brian Martin

07.08.00          advisory: 1 Allaire, 2 MS, 1 ISS, 1 CERT

07.07.00          news: Our newest staff member's life goes to ruin

07.06.00          gallery: Seven new images

07.05.00          must read: Why do vendors ship products THEY wouldn't use?

07.04.00          news: Independence Day

07.04.00          security/rant: Hacker Attacks Welcomed..

06.27.00          review: Movie - Titan AE

06.27.00          review: Movie - Shaft

06.24.00          review: Roger Waters: In the Flesh

06.22.00          article: Securing Your Network: Your startup's survival depends on it

06.22.00          review: Creed Concert

06.21.00          security/rant: Thoughts for the bit bucket

06.20.00          review: 8th Annual KROQ Weenie Roast

06.19.00          must read: A Brief History of Hackerdom

06.12.00          article: Social aspects of the Love Bug virus

06.12.00          review: APC/NiN WA Concernt Review

06.12.00          gallery: Seven new images

06.09.00          charlatan: Winn's War Against The Net

06.08.00          review: APC/NiN CA Concert Review

06.07.00          mirror: Total Defacement Trends, January 1999 - June, 2000

06.07.00          advisories: MS, Allaire, ISS, CERT

06.03.00          review: Movie - Mission Impossible 2 [Debris]

06.02.00          review: Music - Olive, Extra Virgin

06.01.00          advisories: FBI NIPC Advisories

06.01.00          gallery: 15 new images

06.01.00          review: Movie - Mission Impossible 2 [Punkis]

06.01.00          review: Movie - American Beauty

06.01.00          news: eEye Digital Security Releases WindowsNT Port of Libnet

05.29.00          news: Memorial Day

05.25.00          errata: Greising/Chicago Tribune

05.21.00          errata: Vanity Fair/Bryan Burrough

05.21.00          review: Movie - Dogma

05.20.00          review: A Perfect Circle / Mer de Noms

05.20.00          tools: Airport TLA Lookup (perl script)

05.20.00          advisory: RFP: Remote denial of service in Axent NetProwler

05.19.00          news: Brazilian Web Defacement Mirrors Shut Down

05.18.00          review: UNIX Power Tools

05.17.00          newbie: Introduction to TCP/IP

05.17.00          rant: "It is good beating proud folks, for they will not complain"

05.17.00          rant: CERT Rides the Short Bus

05.17.00          must read: WebTV: Why, oh why couldn't they have included a fucking keyboard?

05.17.00          review: American Psycho

05.17.00          advisory: Remote command execution on BlackICE ICECap stations

05.17.00          gallery: Another group of misc images

05.17.00          gallery: 60 new 'sign' images

05.17.00          quotes: Several categories updated

05.14.00          must read: #2000-04 Microsoft: A Proven Danger to National Security

05.14.00          advisory: CERT, ISS, Microsoft, FreeBSD

05.10.00          article: Buffer Overflow: The Name Game - Groking the Love Bug

05.06.00          errata: Errata begins to return

05.05.00          util: Siphon, passive network mapping with OS detection

05.05.00          errata: Computer Reseller News/John Yacano

05.04.00          review: Quasi Review of 'Scour'

05.04.00          product: SecurityFocus Pager v3.0beta - great improvements

05.03.00          zine: Phrack 56 released

05.02.00          support: Digital Divas vs Microsoft

05.02.00          mirror: OS Defacement Graphs updated through April

04.30.00          gallery: 15 new images!

04.29.00          article: How MP3s Are Going To Shatter The Status Quo

04.29.00          newbie: inetd.conf Explained

04.29.00          newbie: Securing Solaris 2.x [updated]

04.29.00          advisory: 3 FreeBSD, 2 Independance, 2 ISS, 3 MS, 1 CERT, 1 Cerberus

04.27.00          article: Full Disclosure - Effective or Excuse?

04.18.00          music review: Hamell on Trial / Ani Difranco Concert Review

04.16.00          news: Mirror statistic graphs created

04.16.00          tools: 3 new tools for yanking last 10 mirrors

04.16.00          gallery: 10 new images

04.15.00          site: Security News opens

04.15.00          news: Federal Taxes due Mon 17th by midnight

04.15.00          advisory: 2 FreeBSD, 2 Microsoft

04.10.00          article: Overlooking the Obvious Database

04.08.00          gallery: 13 new images

04.03.00          advisory: 9 Teso

04.02.00          music review: Fiona Apple Concert Review

03.31.00          advisory: Cisco, CIAC, Microsoft, SGI

03.31.00          wine: More Cheap Wine reviewed

03.30.00          music review: Underworld (Beaucoup Fish)

03.30.00          calamari: 4 new restaurants added

03.29.00          site: Some of ATTRITION content mirrored and translated to Portugese

03.18.00          gallery: 11 new images

03.18.00          concert review: Lords of Acid / Praga Khan (punkis)

03.18.00          advisory: few dozen new advisories

03.09.00          site: The Current Text Scene

03.03.00          review: Photoshop 5.0/5.5 Wow! book

03.03.00          mirror breakout: Coolio

03.03.00          movie review: The Boondock Saints

02.27.00          main: rotating quotes enabled, reload away!

02.21.00          advisory: attrition.2000-02-21.bigmailbox.txt

02.21.00          worth reading: Rotten Harvest: Computer Hacking

02.19.00          worth reading: Keystone Cyber-cops

02.15.00          article: How Netscape is begging me to convert

02.10.00          article: Have Script, Will Destory (Lessons in DoS)

02.04.00          tools: v1.0 (bugfixes)

02.01.00          article: The Crime of Punishment

02.01.00          postal: Special 'mirror' edition of Going Postal

01.30.00          music: Portishead (live) review

01.30.00          article: Why Linux Security Will Succeed

01.30.00          tools: Fake Daemon (fdaemon) released

01.30.00          review: EDI Security, Control, and Audit

01.29.00          review: Hacking Exposed

01.29.00          tools: - news in your KDE disknagivator

01.28.00          gallery: eight new images

01.27.00          newbie: Intro to FTP

01.26.00          newbie: pwd, ls and more

01.25.00          newbie: Strategic Scanning and Assessments of Remote Hosts

01.23.00          newbie: Intro to Cron

01.22.00          newbie: Firewall Primer

01.22.00          music: Live (The Distance to Here)

01.22.00          tools: Mailing List Bounce Probe script added

01.19.00          news: Advertise with this great new banner!

01.16.00          news: Attrition Makeover From Hell

01.16.00          news: New Attrition Staff Member Damned

01.15.00          We're not dead, dying or pissed off.

01.01.00          o/~ It's the end of the world as we know it..


12.28.99          news: Demonic 3.0 Launches

12.27.99          news: Attrition Wallpaper given as X-mas Gift

12.25.99          Like, Merry X-mas or something.

12.24.99          news: Snoogledlyboo and Schnookywookems engaged!

12.24.99          news: A Lump of Coal for Punkis

12.24.99          mirror: Comprehensive Operating System breakouts

12.24.99          mirror: Refined/Accurate country/TLD breakouts

12.23.99          news: Whisker v1.3 has arrived

12.22.99          article: Setting Standards in Security

12.20.99          news: CuervoCon 2000

12.10.99          news: The long overdue Attrition One Year Birthday Rant

12.01.99          article: The Wrong Approach

11.24.99          attrition: Happy T-day to our viewers and detractors.

11.22.99          article: Is it worth it? Dispelling the myths of law enforcement and hacking

11.20.99           news: Happy Birthday Attrition! One year old.

11.19.99          Wanted: Suburbia on VHS

11.15.99          advisory: Cisco and IBM being caught up/standardized

11.11.99          article: Internet Wars: The AntiOnline Menace

11.11.99          article: In Response To: Computer Crime-Abetting Sites...

11.11.99          advisory: 5 misc, 1 MS, 1 CERT, 1 ISS, 1 Redhat

11.07.99          news: YABFU: Yet Another Break From Updating

11.04.99          eEye: NT Printer Daemon Vulnerability

11.04.99          dvisory: 2 CIAC, 2 RFP

11.02.99          tribute: .. You will not be forgotten.

11.02.99          gallery: y2k Hot sauce: COmega tested and approved! #1, #2, #3, #4

11.02.99          gallery: The ultimate keyboard for NT systems

11.01.99          news: State of the Attrition Address

09.20.99          article: Building a Global IDS

09.13.99          article: Defacto Damage: Unusual Trends in Loss Figures

09.13.99          worth reading: Where Personal Responsibility Ends, the Real Tragedy Begins

09.28.99          news: Plodding Along the Path of Attrition

09.17.99          news: Attrition advisory: 1999-09-17.eudora3x

09.16.99          news: Attrition Advisory: 99.09.16-001.nsi

09.15.99          news: Attrition Responds to More AntiOnline Allegations

09.10.99          news: What is

09.09.99          news: we survived the 9.9.99 date threat!

09.05.99          article: The Last Line of Defense, Broken

09.04.99          article: Why Your Network is Still Vulnerable

09.03.99          article: Subversion of Information Attacks

09.03.99          news: returns!

08.24.99          news: Hiatus - No updates for a short while

08.23.99          news: Mind Security Opens

08.16.99          news: Packet Storm Security Update

08.13.99          affiliate: Help Net Security Newsletter #1

08.11.99          news: tooRcon 99 Security Expo

08.08.99          news: Life in and around 6 South, 626

08.06.99          music: Review of Jane Jensen's 'Comic Book Whore'

08.06.99          newbie: Misc Unix commands on the newbie track

08.06.99          mirror: Defacement Mirror to Track OS

08.05.99          updates: poetry, F.U.C.K.

08.05.99          newbie: More lessons on the Unix newbie track

08.04.99          text: 18705 files in the Text Archive

08.04.99          updates: mirror

08.03.99          updates: wine rating, poetry

08.02.99          newbie: A guide to using and selecting secure passwords

08.02.99          updates: calamari, newbie, mirror

08.01.99          music: Review of Tricky's 'Maxinquaye'

08.01.99          newbie: New lessons for the unix newbie

07.31.99          music: Review of Far's 'Tin Cans with Strings to You'

07.30.99          text: 18461 files in the Text Archive

07.30.99          crypto: 2377 files in the Crypto Archive

07.30.99          why: Frequently asked 'why' questions

07.30.99          shame: FIN. Attrition ends the 'shame' project

07.28.99          security: 1887 Security Advisories

07.28.99          music: Review of Kidney Thieves album 'Trickster'

07.28.99          affiliate: Technotronic Security Information

07.26.99          news: Ok, any more down time?

07.25.99          news: Where are you freaks?

07.21.99          music: Opening of Attrition music. Ani DiFranco concert review.

07.20.99          negation: FIN. Attrition ends the 'negation' project.

07.19.99          news: ATTRITION received scheduled maintenance and upgrade. Sorry for the downtime.

07.18.99          defcon: punkis' presentation on TCP/IP at Defcon7 is available.

07.14.99          negation: AntiOnline commits SIXTH copyright violations

07.12.99          news: Mitnick Trial Delayed For Last Time

07.09.99          -- attrition staff @ defcon --

07.07.99          -- attrition staff @ blackhat briefings --

07.06.99          news: Attrition Staff Mugs Lady Luck

07.05.99          negation: Cluebag: A response to 7-5 Mailbag

07.04.99          staff: The ever evolving Staff page is updated

07.04.99          negation: More 'Who R U' material theft

07.04.99          mirror: More mirrors, new breakouts

07.04.99          negation: AntiOnline consulting for five years? Not.

07.03.99          negation: Response: PacketStorm Is Shut Down

07.03.99          negation: Revenge of AntiBot

07.03.99          negation: Interesting Little AntiOnline Something

07.03.99          errata: Get The DIRT On PC Phone Home

07.03.99          errata: AntiOnline tracks F0rpaxe

07.02.99          original: HNN original piece: Hackers in the Workplace

07.02.99          negation: Some Journalist, Some Expert

07.02.99          negation: AntiOnline does 180 over 'ethics'

07.02.99          negation: AntiOnline and false promises

07.01.99          updated: wine rating, mirror

07.01.99          new: critic

07.01.99          newsite: is offering a ton of great resources, check em yo!

06.29.99          news: Letter from Ken Williams/PSS regarding AntiOnline's Actions

06.29.99          news: Net Criminal Shuts Down Largest Free Security Site

06.29.99          negation: AntiOnline commits FIFTH copyright violation

06.28.99          newsite: - killer new security resource

06.28.99          new: we now mirror the Hacker Jargon file

06.26.99          news: Fascist Consortium Forcibly Silences Volunteers

06.23.99          negation: The truth about 'Who R U'

06.23.99          negation: AO commits FOURTH copyright violation

06.23.99          misc: attrition meats redmeat

06.22.99          negation: AntiOnline Thug Continues Deceitful Email Campaign

06.22.99          negation: AO, hackers, and pressing charges.

06.21.99          misc: more loyal Attrition users. this cat named after a staff member!

06.20.99          news: The State of AntiOnline

06.20.99          negation: JP with more hypocrisy and hiding in his mailbag

06.19.99          misc: loyal Attrition viewers show their support.. in cool ways :)

06.19.99          news: Just How Easy it Really Is

06.18.99          negation: Hypocrisy in Personal Attacks

06.18.99          text: Massive upgrades to the text archive. Over 10,000 new files

06.18.99          attrition: purchase of a new helicopter to support our black ops

06.18.99          denial: the DB continues to be updated

06.17.99          denial: the DoS DB is slowly being caught up

06.17.99          negation: The truth about the 'mailbag'

06.14.99          negation: 4 new contradictions

06.14.99          attrition: Staff Page. Find out more about the scum running this box.

06.13.99          news: BHZ/Net Security interview with ATTRITION

06.12.99           humor: final update for a while

06.12.99          mirror: up to 1300 defacement mirrors

06.11.99          news: f0bic of Team spl0it busted

06.11.99          news: Mitnick hearing pushed back (updated)

06.11.99          news: hacked again

06.11.99          negation: AntiOnline Under Investigation

06.10.99          humor: Several new sections added

06.10.99          gallery: six news images in 'other'

06.10.99          main page: new quote. re-org of links. link added.

06.09.99          negation: A timeline of events around the allegations

06.09.99          negation: attrition responds to JP

06.09.99          negation: JP lies about funding

06.09.99          shame: "11 Points of Hypocrisy" from Meinel

06.08.99          Geekgrl: Updated Wine rating page

06.07.99          Is AntiOnline funding hackers to get the scoop?

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