People often ask us various questions about this system, most of which begin with WHY, so here are some of the frequently asked questions.

Before you read this, we have a full article titled "What is Attrition" available for you. It should answer more questions.

WHY the name 'attrition'?

The answer to this question was given many years ago. When moving from, we wanted a name that was not explicitly security related, wasn't a .com, wasn't this, wasn't that. We ended up settling on a name that was sufficiently 'dark' in that it did not bring images of rabbits dancing in the flowers. Dark moods and oozing cynicism were best summed up in a word like attrition, not just because of the text book definition, but the lack of understanding people display toward the idea of it. I'm sure this answer will change when I drink more and get philosophical. Yeah.

WHY the text only?

For those who missed it, had a web site that was simply beautiful. Demonika's incredible web ability overpowered the content (or lack thereof), leading to unhappy people. I can handle people being unhappy with me, but I want it for the right reasons. So attrition came from the approach of 'content over aesthetics', and here we are. Since the start of the site, we get numerous compliments on the lack of graphics. Many people are apparently unhappy with graphic heavy sites loaded with java, pop up boxes, and other eye candy.

WHY does your web server say 'temple of hate'?

This is a humorous reference to a critic of our site. She once called the site a "Temple of Hate". Shortly after, one of her lesser than gifted lackeys mimicked this 'insult'. Each time, we laughed until our insides were bleeding. So, we thought it was funny and somewhat accurate. Presto magic, our webmaster changed it from Apache 1.3.6 to 'Temple of Hate 6.3.1'. As we upgrade the web server, we upgrade the Temple of Hate version too. Simple.

UPDATE 2011/05/17: Due to a long-overdue Apache upgrade (Apathetic Lucidity *says* it's no longer 1.x, the other staff is just taking his word for it), the banner now says "Temple-of-Squirrels/4.0.2Theta(n) Server at Port 80 ". Expect that to stay in place until Apache 8.x or higher is available, which will probably be around the time all attrition staff members have grandkids (which will likely be never, so enjoy).

WHY does your sendmail daemon say 'house of ill repute'?

You just can't have a wicked web server without an equally nasty sendmail daemon.

WHY those horrible colors?

Anyone that is a tad smarter than their web browser can configure it to overide our red/grey (formerly red/black) color scheme. If you can't figure out how to do this, then the problem you are having lies between keyboard and chair.

And for other general questions..

HOW can I join your [group|gang|posse|cult]?

You can't. We aren't a group like many people think. This is a system with about 15 users on it. There are currently five active "staff" members who do most of the work on the web pages, answer questions, etc. Aside from that, just another system with a handful of users. If you don't know how to become a part of us without asking, you probably don't fit in here.


Textbook definitions for attrition are as follows:

1. a rubbing away or wearing down by friction
2. a gradual diminution in number or strength because of constant stress
3. a gradual, natural reduction in membership or personnel, as through retirement, resignation, or death
4. repentance for sin motivated by fear of punishment rather than by love of god.
5. the act of weakening or exhausting by constant harassment, abuse, or attack

WHAT does ATTRITION mean to you?

We tend to dig the more generic spin on the 4th definition listed above. "confessing for your sins, but not for the love of god". In reality, Attrition has taken on its own meaning over the last year or so. To find out more about that, you must provide the staff with beer before they get all deep and philosophical or something.

Would you like to ask your own 'why' question? Mail staff[at]

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