Attrition is now recruiting.. AGAIN

Sat Aug 12 05:09:12 EDT 2006


It's been over a year since the last call for volunteers. Don't be worried, has been keeping up and going strong over the last twelve months, but we're now looking for a few "spechul" people for our projects.

Compensation: None! Volunteers will not get paid. No hookers, no cocaine, no trips to the Caribbean. On a good day you will see ascii pornography when you type your favorite unix editor. On a great day, you get mocked and/or molested by other staff members. On the up side, you do get a shell account here for e-mail, irc and other such activity. With that will be some insulting email address aliases pointing to you to further burden you with spam.

Interested? Read on!

Hello! The hard one! The Errata section has been stagnant too long. This section of attrition needs work more than ever, with the security industry in such bad shape. Tasks will be updating the page with errata, charlatans and other news of interest. Standardizing the content, figuring out a better way to organize, adding meta content to the pages to ensure google searches find the truth before the lies, etc.

This can be a fairly intensive project. Not only do we have years worth of material that needs updating, there are hundreds (thousands?) of articles that should be included and referenced. The upside is, this project needs to be done, now more than ever. Being an industry watchdog can suck, but the virtual hard-on you get after sticking it to the people polluting our industry is worth it.

Interested? Have what it takes? Contact us. Tell us why you think you are the person for the job, how much time you can devote, and something that tells us you have that certain spark to be among the damned.

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