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newbie files.

The following files are designed to teach newcomers to the Unix operating system.
Every attempt will be made to make these files as thorough and understandable
to newbies. As with all things technical, many times it is difficult to understand
new material, but don't get discouraged! There is/was method to the madness
(most of the time), its just a matter of figuring it out. It is intended that
newcomers read these in their entirety, in the order we present them.

Unix Lessons

Introduction to these lessons

History of Unix

A quick guide to Unix flavors

Getting started: logging in

A guide to using and selecting secure passwords

coming soon: shells, commands, kernel, memory

getting help from the system (man)

fun commands: banner and sysvbanner

intro to filesystems and directory structures

misc commands 1 (id, groups, uptime, uname, date, cal, whoami)

pwd, ls and more

coming soon: file/group ownership 

file permissions, changing them, and octal notation (chmod)

misc commands 2 (file, hostname, domainname)

misc commands 3 (du, df, ps, top, who, w, free) [Cognition]

Intro to cron

Intro to FTP

inetd.conf Explained