Ankit Fadia, "young hacker", "genius", and "author"

Ankit Fadia is like many charlatans who gets published in one article and rides the wave of not only poor journalism but also his own hype. For years, he has been quoted in low end online publications in India (his home country). Each time he is referenced as an 'expert' despite having no skills or accomplishments other than being quoted in these articles. No matter how bright this kid is, how much of a "prodigy" he supposedly is, he simply cannot be considered an "expert" in security. No teenager has worldly experience that would qualify them as "knowledgeable" about an industry, let alone "expert". He certainly isn't worth the $15,001 - $25,000 fee per speaking engagement, peddling ten year old Windows novelty tricks called "hacks". To make matters worse, Fadia's FUD-based statements about "computer security" and "terrorism" are simply fear mongering to increase his visibility.

Fadia's resume and biography used to land him speaking engagements contains proven lies. The book that made him well known is a collection of poorly summarized tricks taken from public sources, with over 130 pages plagiarized. At least one subsequent book is also heavily plagiarized. Fadia has spent his entire career talking about hacking and security, but has not performed penetration testing, has not secured networks, and only offered pedestrian "hacking" training re-branded as a certification bearing his own name.

Some of the references and information available about Fadia:




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