and Collaborate on DataLoss

Mon Sep 18 18:10:33 EDT 2006

Attrition Staff and would like to announce the beginning of a new collaborative effort that we feel will enhance the resources provided by both sites. Beginning on Saturday, September 16, 2006, Dissent and AnonAdmin from are the new co-moderators of the Data Loss Mail List and the Data Loss Web Page. In return, Lyger and Jericho from have created user accounts with to provide news, commentary, and additional support and/or resources as needed.

Both sites will continue to remain independent in content and focus. However, resources will be shared willingly, openly, and freely with no commercialization or compensation provided to either group (other than the ph4t sh3ll 4cc0un7z, y0). In addition, the Data Loss Database (Open Source) (DLDOS) will be continue to be available, free of charge, for any non-commercial entities. Our goal is to make DLDOS the world's most comprehensive database for breaches involving personally identifiable information. For more information on DLDOS, please visit here and make sure to read the disclaimer thingy at the bottom.

In addition, we would like to thank Chris Walsh and Adam Shostack from Emergent Chaos, Beth Givens from Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, and the entire subscriber base of the Data Loss Mail List for their continued support of Attrition's data loss projects.

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