Lazlo's First Endorsement

Sun Dec 13 01:26:04 EST 2009


Lazlo bitches... life isn't just about nuts. while a nice sack of nuts goes a long way in the winter, ultimately it isn't enough for me. life is also about booze, and lots of it. some nice scotch will keep me warm in the winter. smooth tequila will keep the lady squirrels friendly. some Boone's Farm will keep Lyger away from me.

unfortunately, bottles are a pain to sneak into courtrooms, movie theatres and AA meetings. time to invest in a piece of drinking security...

OH... the squirrel gods have smiled upon us all! my glorious mug laser etched (PEW PEW) into the side of a stainless steel 8 ounce flask!!

i already stole one^H^H^H three of those from jericho's stash before the window lockdown, and i bet i can score more. who wants in? the cheap bastard only made a limited run. given his eternal state of apathy, don't count on a second run happening either. wait, that means this is limited edition or some fancy sales lingo!

Purchase via eBay

if you can't spring for one above, i am stashing a couple away and will consider your offers!

For all sales, 10% of proceeds will be donated to the The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The rest will go to staff's liquor funds, to better generate content for the web site.

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