Ok, any more down time?
Mon Jul 26 15:39:43 MDT 1999

Hopefull not. In the interest of full network disclosure or something
neat sounding, let us tell you what happened.

Early on, Attrition's upstream was Inficad. Inficad's primary route and
upstream was Genuity. When we first received an IP from Inficad, it came
from their pool and things were fine. One day we learned that Genuity 
thought they owned the IP but weren't using it. Since they were routing
and broadcasting the current IP we were using, no big deal.

Over the weekend, Genuity stopped broadcasting that IP and we went off
into the virtual blackhole. A quick call and it came back up to last the
rest of the weekend. Today, Inficad assigned us a new sexy IP number
( which works fine. DNS is updated and things are working.

If you have trouble reaching 'www.attrition.org', use the IP address
or give it time for DNS to propogate.

So, between the drives not mounting because of the errors, the old IP,
and voodoo witchcraft all going away, hopefully we should be reachable
for more service without a smile.