Attrition Staff recentently learned that Vranesevich/AntiOnline
failed to make good on promises that helped launch their commercial
venture. It was also pointed out that Brad Davis directly contradicted
JV regarding the issue of paying for stories.

	Vranesevich: "we don't pay for stories"

	Davis: "we pay for stories"

Initial promises of possible pay for articles seems to be nothing more
than a fabrication to get AntiOnline started.

From: russr "We've never paid for a story, we don't even pay our reporters for stories." - Vranesevich (Sprenger article) My name is Russ Rogers and I run Somewhere around November of last year, JP released an article saying that he had received some commercial funding and would be taking applicants to write articles for the site. Some of the people selected would be paid to do the work, while the less experienced would not be. I was interested and thought I'd look into it. About 4-6 weeks later, I got an email from JP saying that I was 1 of 30 people that he had "hand-picked" to work with AO. In a phone conversation with Brad Davis, the person in charge of the "reporters" for AO, I asked Brad about the whole "pay" thing. He stated that AO pays on a per word basis for stories that the reporters write and that we could negotiate the amount paid per word. I agreed to write an article and see what the response was, then we could talk about the pay. I wrote a quick article about cable modems (still available on the site) and waited to see what happened. Not long after that, JP started getting what I considered to be a "dangerous" attitude towards people in his replies to emails and in the articles he published. He seemed to be more irresponsible about what he published, afterall, he had "funding". I never wrote another article. I suppose this is just further proof that the lies go deeper than even JP is willing to admit. Although I don't have a transcript of the phone conversation between myself and Brad, I do have plenty of emails confirming that I was precariously close to a working relationship with JP. [later correspondance] Nah, I neve got paid because I never wrote another article that I submitted to him. I just started putting them up on my own web page. I'm not for sure that anyone has actually been paid, but it's difficult for me to imagine that those two folks that write so many articles for him would be doing it all for free. One of them works for a DISA office somewhere in the midwest, so I can't imagine him doing it for free. But, yeah, use it as you need to. No big deal. Russ