Attrition Text Archive Upgraded Heavily
Fri Jun 18 05:34:46 MDT 1999

Over the past two days, Modify has worked with Jason Scott to setup
another mirror for the archive.
This new addition brings in over ten thousands new files.

Jason and has offered over 10,000 textfiles ranging from e-zines to art, 
food to ham radio, and sex to viruses. Just about every topic is covered at one point
or another.

Attrition staff would like to thank Jason and his staff for the excellent site. He has
preserved text files that help show an interesting history of the online world. Because
of archives like his, new users to the scene are able to find information on everything
in a single place. We'd also like to thank,, Soylent Communications,
and for their continued support of this archive.

Attrition mirror