Artist: Underworld

Album: Beaucoup Fish

Released: 1999

First of all you have probably heard Underworld's music before. They have been on numerous soundtracks including Trainspotting and The Saint. As much as I hate to label or categorize music, Underworld would probably be considered 'electronica'.

Underworld has been around since the 80's and consists of Karl Hyde, Rick Smith and DJ Darren Emmerson. Besides the band all three are owners of an art and design company (Tomato) that produces commercials, films, and other forms of media art. (Tomato has designed all the cover art for the various Underworld CD's.)

Although I really like the entire CD a couple of the songs are real standouts. "Kittens" is one of my favorite songs. Its got a real fast beat that I find addicting. "Bruce Lee" is a really cool song too although it is short (4:41) as compared to most of their songs which are typically 7 or 8 minutes long. The thing is although most of their songs are that long, it never seems like they are long enough. The best song though is probably "moaner". (By the way, there is an extended version of this song that is about 10 minutes long. I highly suggest you check it out.) It starts out sort of mellow and really builds up. It is kind of hard to just sit still when you hear this song. This is the kind of music that just grabs a hold of you. It truly is an experience in my opinion.

Even if you're not normally into this kind of music you should give this CD a listen. I think even if this style doesn't appeal to you, you may very well find it addicting. Unfortunatley I have never had the chance to catch Underworld live yet but from what I have heard they put on an unforgettable show. Stay tuned for a review if I get the chance.

One word of warning, underworld's early work tends to lean a bit more towards the "power pop" side of the house. You can't go wrong with anything that's come out in the last few years though. There is talk of a live album coming out soon.

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