Postal Installment #0017


dancing with the fishes

do reboot


a tribute to josh (#6 in a series)

CISSP fail

goats are ok, midgets are just wrong

it's a job

apprenticeship applicants

care not what people think

endow the idiot with dignity

putting the sensual back in non-consensual

so much for constructive criticism

intarweb boredomz

you don't tug on superman's cape

dict response

dorfman lives

level 6 tech support

it's a date

some in the trunk worth the transport

please call at your convenience

satan claws?

somebody has a case of the mondays

a wee scottish tale

ask a stupid question

a swallow carrying a coconut

there's a sentence in there somewhere

well, he asked

stuck with it

cause the bible tells me so

yet more tech support>

we remember this guy

... but not this guy

like shooting fish in the bitstream

we've been outsourced

you could always try google

not so much

when *we* contact tech support

beyond the call of duty

like, d00d

feel the force

baaaaad spaaaaam

especially #4

time marches on

spam is our favorite color

mating calls

on a stiiiick

level 84 smartass

he's on a mission from god...

... and apparently she's not

don't hack me bro

should have stuck with ebay

pimp slap

still working the corner

steve irwin is still dead too

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