People need your help.

At this point, there is probably no one who has not heard about the attacks against American cities on Tuesday, 11.September 2001. A lot of us have felt angry, stunned, and helpless in the face of this disaster, and we've wanted to find a way to somehow offer aid.

Well, now you can. PayPal and Amazon have set up funds that will allow us geeks to donate money via the net to the Red Cross. Even if you can't donate blood, you can help! If you have a PayPal account, you can donate money straight from that; if you don't or you want to just use a credit card, you can donate through Amazon.

We were all affected by Tuesday's attacks. Even those of us who are not Americans were affected. We worry about our friends in New York and DC, or who may have been flying yesterday morning. We watch the news and stare in disbelief at the smoking holes where the World Trade Center towers used to be. We consider the coming months with worry, concerned about what will happen to the world when America retaliates for what the President has called an act of war. In this time, it is very important that we focus our efforts toward helping recovery...and let the guys with the big guns focus on retaliation.

So go do it. You don't even have to get up out of your comfy computer chair. Go to the web page and donate. There are people who need your help.

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on behalf of Attrition Staff