f0bic of Team spl0it busted
Fri Jun 11 20:10:45 MDT 1999

Attrition staff learned late this evening, that 'f0bic', a member
of a hacking group named Team spl0it, was arrested earlier this 
week. After an alleged hacking spree claiming the web pages of at least
35 sites, this arrest could spell the end for the group.

Spl0it is known for the defacement of sites such as Arizona State 
Governement, State of Virginia, Korean Exchange Bank, Ohio State
Senate, NASA, Xerox, Coca Cola, Brooks Air Force Base and more. 
Operating since October of 1998 (presumably earlier), spl0it has 
been an ever present group.

F0bic (in his late teens), may face a wide variety of charges and
bear the brunt of all spl0it defacements.

More Information:

Mirrors of spl0it hacks