Hacker Shows Just How Easy it Really Is
Fri Jun 18 21:56:25 MDT 1999

Earlier yesterday (6.18.99), a hacker known as "ne0h" set out to show how easy 
hacking can be. Playing on his own dislike for the recent media attention
Forpaxe has received, ne0h targeted servers previously defaced
by the group.

In the past few months, Forpaxe has gained international press by defacing
several government and military systems. Forpaxe messages have been honest
in saying "no message, no morals", indicating they do not rely on any
excuses for their activity. Recent defacements by the group have been
focusing on insulting the FBI after several high profile raids of suspected
hackers in the U.S.

Beginning earlier this afternoon, ne0h began scanning the servers previously
defaced by Forpaxe in an effort to learn more about how they operate. 
"I was curious why people thought they were skilled, so I decided to see
for myself." ne0h commented. 

Throughout the day, ne0h defaced the servers one by one replacing each web
page with his own comments about Forpaxe. In a matter of hours, ne0h 
successfully defaced 9 of the servers previously altered.

After the eigth reported hack, ATTRITION staff caught up with ne0h on EFNet
IRC and asked a few question:

(attrition) how do you feel about forpaxe?

[ne0h] I think they are a bunch of skilless, worthless, stupid,
       ignorant kids who need to be taught how to use a computer properly. 
       At least know what your doing before you go 'hack' other systems.

(attrition) why do you dislike them?

[ne0h] I dislike them because they think they are hotshots in the
       world, that they are the elite. They don't even have a 'e-l-i-t or e' 
       in their mental vocabulary. They are clueless.  

(attrition) why are you doing all these defacements?

[ne0h] Im doing the defacements to show the world, and all the
       other kids who think Forpaxe is a bunch of talented, and skilled 
       hackers, that all they are are worthless  browser hackers
       and have nothing to proove but how stupid they really are.

(attrition) do you plan to do more regarding forpaxe and defacements?

[ne0h] "Yes, I think it's necassary to put forpaxe in their place,
       nothing but down."

The most 'outspoken' hack was done on (6.17.99), and included an
incredibly detailed list of information on Forpaxe, their hacks, and
even included a small survey done by ne0h. The server 'www.flavoredthunder.com'
was found with the details outlining:

                Who is F0rpaxe?
                Why are they here?
                Are they talented?
                Are they hackers?

This level of detail paints a much different picture than mainstream media
has picked up on.

According to ne0h, not only does he deface the page, he patches the holes
used to gain access to the servers. Not only does he fix the hole, but each 
admin is left a nice note explaining how the machine was compromised, a sort 
of lesson taught by ne0h. In doing so, administrators can hopefully
stay safe from hackers looking for a quick way in. 

Early this morning Forpaxe responded with the defacement of a Naval server
and Denial of Service attacks against several other Portugese servers. M1crochip
of Forpaxe claimed www.expresso.pt, www.jnoticias.pt, www.gdp.pt, and
www.expo98.pt were down due to FOrpaxe attack. Among other things, the altered 
Navy page included "fight for something that is important. F0rpaxe isnīt important. 
FBI is. Fight against him, not us. We have never been against ne0h.."

Forpaxe couldn't be reached for further comment.

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