tooRcon 99 Security Expo
Wed Aug 11 19:37:23 MDT 1999

Early September marks the time for tooRcon 99. A relatively new 
Security Expo taking place in San Diego, CA, tooRcon joins the ranks
of other conferences designed to get down and dirty with hands on
and practical security. Rather than practice the art of security
through obscurity, they cast aside the veil of secrecy and go 
for full disclosure.

September 3rd and 4th will find attendees listening to talks on
Secure Remote Communication, Stack Based Overflows, IDS, Network
Programming, and more. During the conference, the 'RootWars' will
be taking place. A competition designed to test your penetration
technique AND your defensive capability.

On Saturday, members of Attrition will be present to give a short
talk on the state of hacking today. Included in this talk will be
statistics on vulnerable operating systems, trends in the hacking
community, as well as recent legal ramifications.

If you have the time or happen to be in the neighborhood, definitely
swing by and check it out. If all else fails, it just happens
to be close to the border for some good southernly fun. ;)

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