[On or around 06.09.99, AntiOnline started blocking all HREF links
 from attrition.org, aviary-mag.com, hackernews.com and possibly
 more sites. Childish that he would block people linking TO him.]

                  The Site You Visited Before AntiOnline
                  Is On The Denied Referer List

                  The site that you visted before AntiOnline is a Denied
                  Referer. What does this mean? Basically, it means that
                  AntiOnline does not allow the site that you just came from to
                  link directly to AntiOnline content, or to utilize any resources
                  that may be part of the AntiOnline Network.

                  To find out how you can stop malicious hackers,
                  visit AntiOnline's Fight Back!

                  For the latest security news, views, and information,
                  visit the Main AntiOnline Website. 


In response to this, JP has posted to his mailbag on 6.20.99:

Yes, Brain Martin is screaming that I'm unprofessional because I put him on my denied referer list.
Because I have something to 'hide', as he says. Truth be known, the reason attrition is on my denied
referer list is because they put up a bunch of links on their sites designed to trigger our network
monitoring stations, and bring up snide little messages from Martin himself. I wanted nothing to do
with him, or his silly little games to become some sort of 'Cult Hero' as he calls himself, so I blocked
referers from him and all of his little goons. I know his heart is broken, but he'll just have to cope.

[Once again, this is most amusing. This doesn't explain why he blocks
 OSALL or HackerNews does it? Does it explain why his "AntiBot" generated over
 2500 hits in our logs between 6.18 and 6.20? Does it explain why his
 "AntiBot" generated over 1500 hits in our *error log*? As several people
 commented, "why does he keep making this personal"? A nickname has nothing to do
 with "silly little games to become some sort of cult hero". This is the way to 
 avoid direct questions (again) and not face the facts. What is JP hiding?

 More amusing is the page he is talking about. A single link created by one of
 the admins here (notice he blames everything on me :) will HREF to JP with
 a long and amusing path. Any halfway clued in security program will detect this
 and ignore it, as we specifically made sure it was not a direct CGI attack.
 Rather, we included the strings required to be matched by an IDS written by a 
 fourth grader. Guess it worked.

 And once again, let me point out JP's oh-so-professional behaviour. "from him
 and all of his little goons." Yeah.]