Attrition Wallpaper given as X-mas Gift
Mon Dec 27 03:16:52 MST 1999

The proprietor and talented artist of, Monika Demire, has recently donated a new image ideal for your desktop wallpaper. Using a combination of Photoshop 5.5, Fractal Design Poser 4, Kai's Power Tools 5, Kamel cigarettes, seventy three gallons of coffee and spare time around the holidays, Monika created our new Attrition Mascot Girlie (tm) and official wallpaper. Along with the phenomenal girlie, she came up with a perfect slogan for the site: "Sin never looked so good". Yes, we are waiting for someone to volunteer to design, create and model the outfit seen in the picture.

We also thank her for the new quote on the Attrition main page which was put up on the 25th. For more of her work, check out her anthology page as well.

Oh, and do us a favor.. mail her and tell her to put Demonic 3.0 up already! It is 100% done but she is still cursing Netscape's stupidity since they can't seem to grasp certain basic concepts like STANDARDS. Because of Netscape stupidity, she won't put the site up while she searches for a workaround to fix their non standard browser! And we thought Jericho was anal retentive. ;)


attrition wallpaper