Plodding Along the Path of Attrition
Tue Sep 28 00:35:54 MDT 1999

Just a few quick words on changes and goings on.

Regular viewers may have noticed a change on the main page (not just
the quote). We have now merged 'technical' and 'security' into a 
single link on the top row. (
This page will be the starting point for all things computer
security related that Attrition offers.

The new link, 'technical' will be geared toward technical material
not related to computer security. As our first offering, Cancer Omega
has put together a fine page outlining basic care and maintenance
of firearms. Using his digital camera, small arsenal, HTML and 
extra time, this page gives you step by step instructions on how
to fully breakdown and clean various firearms.

It is our hopes that in the future we will maintain an equal amount
of original information on both computers and 'real world' material.
Look forward to reviews of some local bands to Phoenix AZ, technical 
papers, and more.

In the mean time, enjoy what's here.