Wicker Park


"Wicker Park," shows us the unrealistic part of our love lives in a horrible way. It's also a very small world in that all the characters turn out to be someone else or relate to someone they know. Even writing about this movie is complicated.

Hang on because this story is complicated and wild!

Matthew, a normal looking guy (The girls love him-Josh Hartnett) comes back to the neihborhood of Wicker Park after two years of being away. Matthew is engaged to a hottie called Rebecca. But, one day Matthew sees love at first sight with a woman and starts to follow her. (We call this stalking but no one in the movie cares!) He soon becomes obsessed with her and puts the wedding and job on hold. The girl of his dreams suddenly loses contact with Matthew and another girl enters his life. The story is very confusing. I did my best to explain it. I would like to say that there was no actual good point about this film. The only small good point was that there were no scenes in which people were smoking.(Though Alex did buy a pack of smokes after she got out of bed).

Let me go through the bad and worst things about this film to convince each and everyone of you that this film indeed sucks.

  1. In reality, people who follow and stalk other people usually end up being caught by the police and not falling in love with the person he/she followed.
  2. The world can be a small place at times but not constantly through a whole movie.
  3. What ever happened to Daniel, the guy with his dead wife? He apeared in two scenes: the funeral and outside of Alex's apartment. I wonder how they casted that charcter, how much he got payed and what his reaction was after he was told his part was over.
  4. People who like romance movies loved this film but to us movie buffs this movie doesn't make sense.
  5. There are so many flashbacks that you begin to wonder whats real and whats happening.
  6. Matthew never once got a call from his job. He must have been pretty loose. Once you have read my review and seen the movie, you will definately understand what I am going on about. Matthew saw love at first sight, I on the other hand saw crap at first scene.

Andy Bassett

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