New Attrition Staff Member Damned
Sun Jan 16 18:35:14 MST 2000

As of the writing of this page, six out of the five Attrition staff members have
elected (read: indentured servant) Munge to be the newest staff member.
For his continued work in developing utilities for the site, we have decided
to curse him with this title with or without his consent. As a matter of fact,
this news piece is his first warning of the new name. Everyone feel free to
mail him and harass him.

You can see his bio we whipped up for him too.

To remind people, the 'staff' designation doesn't mean a whole lot. We aren't
a business or a real organization. Munge can not log in as root, access his
own home directory, use the 'ls' binary, or tap into the Attrition bank
account with $18.93 in it. Munge can now officially speak for Attrition as needed,
or he can continue to neglect you like he neglects the rest of us.