Contest: Name Our Mascot

Mon Oct 26 17:22:47 EDT 2009

Attrition Staff

squirrel mascot

In another part of the Internets, there lives a nice squirrel named Buck. Buck is a happy squirrel, full of life and wonder. With a carefree attitude and great friends like Eli, Buck lives a squirrel's dream; frolicking with a healthy dose of nuts.

What Buck didn't realize is that he had an evil distant cousin. A squirrel filled with seething rage, bitter contempt, perverse humor and a raw sense of justice. Buck knew he had to keep his distance from this squirrel, and, where the new squirrel had begun to nest.

For over ten years, we have done our best to provide unbiased information about the information security industry. Along the way, we've mirrored defacements, held the security industry accountable, tracked corporate neglect of consumer information and written movie and music reviews. We've even managed to provide a smile or two along the way. Not that we really give a fuck about smiles or your happiness, but if you're one of those "shiny happy people" that we generally despise, great. Enjoy. Really. We (almost) mean that.

Other people think we're a bit nutty. Maybe we are, but we won't pay a shrink to confirm it. Instead, we will embrace our spirit animal and keep doing what we always do.

Over the past few weeks, we decided that we needed a mascot; a simple visual image to help promote's ideals, and something fun for us that can be easily understood, if not hated. For those of you who already know us, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we chose a squirrel to be our mascot. Squirrels are cute and fuzzy (like d2d), confusing and perplexing (like Lyger), survivalists (like Cancer Omega), mischievous (like Jericho) and like to stuff their faces full of nuts (like Mal Vu). With that said, we now have a friend of attrition, a squirrel, and he will boldly represent us.

Your task: name him. Even though there is no visible penis attached to his groin, it's a "he". We haven't chosen a name yet, so the best name that we (meaning attrition staff) decide upon will win our contest. The winner will receive a public flogging in a future news update, and probably an official t-shirt with the mascot printed somewhere upon it once we profit from our 419 mails and get the shirts made.

Send in your ideas fast. The contest will close on November 10, 2009, or sooner if we figure out a name we like. We'll notify the winner(s) shortly after, and then let the named fuzzy little bastard run amok over, just the way Mom would want it.

Meaning your Mom, not ours.

The Rules

No purchase necessary, enter as often as you'd like Lazlo. Submit entries via Twitter (DM to @attritionorg) or e-mail namehim[at] Winner chosen at staff discretion. In the case of the same name submitted by multiple people, we will award the winner to whoever sent it first, or whoever is cuter (or scares us less).

The Rejects

Names we are rejecting up front: Anything with 'nut' in it (probably), any variation of 'squirrel'. Any name or handle already affiliated with Attrition. "Attrition".

The Reward

Infamy. Your name will be on somewhere, and not the Going Postal section! When we get around to making them, you will receive one t-shirt with the new mascot, probably some stickers, and whatever else we can put in the box with it.

The Props

Our new mascot is a comissioned original piece by Joanna Goldman. Contact her for all your logo, custom character and illustration needs.

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