Merry X-Mas or Something
Sun Dec 24 18:35:18 MST 2000

What we want for x-mas

We want defacers to quit hitting pointless no name sites with crappy hard-to-read ramblings that four people might understand. We want defacers to quit sending us 18 pieces of mail listing 7 domains, 3 of which are actually defaced. We want defacers to read our disclaimer on the mirror page for a change, which would answer 99% of their insipid questions.

We want defacers to stop and think about what they are doing. I know, that is asking an awful lot.

We also want money, computer hardware, NSA secrets, scantily clad wimmens, DVDs, new music, catfood and diet coke.

May you always get what you wish for, whether or not it's good for you.

/dev/null says: "One upon a time there was a uddle iggle wuggins. This was back in the year of. When it snowed so much, and we had to walk UPHILL BOTH WAYS. Don't believe me? Go ask your dad. What we had for dinner that night I remember. And the spiked dog collar didn't fit -either-, so we took everything back. All of it. One swell foop. AS I WAS SAYING. Hope yours is as good as that one. Whippersnappers."

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