Mascot named. Meet...

Mon Nov 23 20:32:13 EST 2009


squirrel mascot

Almost a month ago, those slack ass bastards that call themselves attrition staff figured I need a name. They got a lot of feedback from you worthless lot of heathens and failed to name me. Drunken indecision led to more procrastination and there I was, stuck in hell, still needing a name.

Well, now I have one. Finally... FINALLY, they put their drinks down, put away the blow, and stuffed the hookers into the trunks of their cars so I don't feel like a major unnamed DOUCHEBAG with no identity of my own and no real reason to exist (like Lyger). I have a name, thanks to you people who actually care about me, and not those staff jerks who sat on this (*COUGH* among other things *COUGH*) for a few weeks.

No need to make a big deal about it, but this feels *good*, like seeing Jericho eating a taco... and a burrito, and another taco, and a burr... (OK, you get the idea), Cancer Omega stocked, locked, cocked, and ready to rock in combat gear, d2d rolling out a new Ruby application that he only coded using his left hand (guess what his right hand was doing), or cji swimming a river and jumping a fence in 37.236 seconds. I'm home.



p.s. now, bitches, someone make me a walnut pot pie. i'm hongry.

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