My very own Personal Pet Kook: John Berryhill
Courtesy of Jay D. Dyson

You know, about the best way to gauge one's celebrity status these days is to assess the caliber of Kooks one acquires over time. I've had a few somewhat entertaining Kooks in my day, but John Berryhill has to be the canonical prize-winner.

Stark evidence of John Berryhill's 'maturity' For those who don't know the Berryhill history, here's a quick overview courtesy of Attrition.Org.

Bear in mind that the aforementioned events transpired in the year 2000. Now, in the middle of 2002, one can imagine my surprise when the following image (shown at right) was reported to exist at (I'm not entirely sure what the massive CACI reference is all about. I can only presume that Berryhill has teamed up with some other pitifully disgruntled netizen.)

My thoughts? I think Berryhill is a small-minded chump who can't stand the fact that someone stood up to his baseless bluster. Rather than accept his being wrong, he chose to feature such an image on his site to assuage his personal feelings of inadequacy. But hey...that's just my personal opinion. Even so, it's most telling that Berryhill (like any garden-variety coward) quickly removed the image following receipt of this letter that I sent to him.

So who the hell is John Berryhill? Beats me. I only know who he thinks he is...but a cursory Google Search leaves me with the impression that he's some sort of domain squatter who can't handle even the appearance of criticism. In short, the man sure looks like he's got issues.

My assessment isn't personal, though. I'd say the same thing about anyone who owned a domain like Taliban.Com.