Some Journalist, Some Expert

"John has been quoted thousands of times on a variety of topics including by 
such organizations as: The New York Times, The CBS Evening News, The British 
Broadcasting Corporation, The Washington Post, The Boston Herald, National 
Public Radio, Wired News, and the San Francisco Chronicle."

Issue 1: "including by such organizations" What kind of person can't spell, 
is too ignorant/lame to run spell checker, and claims to be a professional?  Check 
out his bio, even after 4-5 months of the new site, it still has grammatical 
and spelling errors. So do a majority of the articles he writes. Way to go 
JP, make up an excuse, just spell it correctly this time. Also he hasn't 
talked to thousands of hackers, nor has he been quoted thousands of times. 
Unless you repeatedly count his Pitt partner in DoS prophet/Robbie.

Issue 2: Being quoted by the media means nothing. Several well known cases
like se7en show us that anyone with no technical ability, and no
credibility can be quoted repeatedly by the media. It is interesting to note
that JP attempts to use this as a qualification to his skillset rather than
posting his resume.