A friend in need... is a pest

Wed Mar 07 22:26:19 EDT 2007

For those not familiar with the quote in the title of this item, please know that it is only meant to be humorous, even though this post in general is not humorous at all.

John Kleinschmidt, a friend of attrition.org, has recently suffered multiple strokes and is currently recovering in his home after a hospital stay. For those of you who do not know John, he has blogged about it here:


One of the main concerns anyone might have after a major medical issue is the safety of their family and other loved ones. Unfortunately, another concern is the cost of the necessary medical care involved with helping to resolve a life-impacting health issue. John is currently employed full-time as a system administrator, but his recovery and time away from work has already shown an impact on him emotionally and financially. John not only loves his work in the security arena, but more importantly is also a dedicated husband and father of two children who need his support. We all go through difficult times in life. Ones concerning the support and comfort of a family, especially children, make those times even more difficult.

For those reasons, the staff of attrition.org ask that you consider sending him a few messages of support, and if possible, maybe a small donation to help out with his ongoing fight:


Please consider at least an email of support, if not a small donation to help out a friend.

And John, you're not a pest. That's just the way we tell you we support you. :)

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