Postal Installment #0006

our new year's resolution: be nicer to the idiots

cancel, or i sue


audition like the rest of the losers

the answer, is in the shorts

"felker" sounds kinky

i feel a strong rapport, really

forgot to ask about the ssh allows


hope this helps

giri, chakry, me..

my tale


honk honk

hack the planet!#@$@#

trolling 101

real substance here


nice folks

the booze speaking?

fair is fair

#1 in our hearts

ralph so funny

talk to gerome

so mean

watch CSI first


penile obsession

no, jovial

i can help

that's easy..

dedicated to DVD testers. don't ask.

myscreen name

DHO is recruiting!

read the page again

don't need pills

i'll be scully this time

talk to the loon, not me

hey baby

freaks from Iowa

hurf gurp blarg, etc

i fell asleep at 'disregard'

happy trails


ben the hax0r

aol free trail

until then..

ur a smart person

so matter of fact

tricks on her!

where's my spurs

my stalker!

for real?

Double shot of stupidity, coming right up!

software registry services

cancel plz thnx


Janene and her ditch

both corrupt organizations, easy mistake

amazing hax0rs

Mr. Omega is our virtual lawyer

prison registry services

e-bay tech support too?

no witty line needed

unixgeeks prank us!

http 2 complex

least they are direct

encrypted maybe?

well yes, my breasts are healthy

trick question?

white, AOL.. bad combo

9-5 only

important test

as real as real gets

Something a little different..

Glory rant of the day


plz thnx lol omg plz

luv NMRC

coded transmission

these are your security professionals

does the job for me

huh huh, he said member

too bad i'm not pyshic

the saga

want some advice

cancer cleo? cleo omega?

orange is the color of my revolution

Idiot train passing through again.

people don't believe us anymore

as in the penis?

obvious answers for 100 alex

FEDerica gives me kisses

weening them off AIM

exception 0xe0070001

i bet that was offensive

scene whores mail me too

free c0d3z

stupidity is clearly not a commodity

the usual suspects

hope i helped

wrong jericho@attrition i think

h8 u stupid

he didn't pass

was just a costume!

american rubbish

you give love a bad name

always helpful advice likes spammers

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