Ultimate Hacker Sticker Collection on eBay

Sat Apr 17 22:57:30 EDT 2010


Update: The auction concluded, with Israel Torres winning the sticker collection, three shirts (OSVDB, DatalossDB, HNN), a flask and a wonderful array of shit. The auction raised $295.00 for the Open Security Foundation and we appreciate all who bid.


Some fifteen years in the making, quite by accident, Attrition staff have collected a wide range of stickers. Most are 'hacker' related, some on the telco side, others for $OS fanbois and a few that are just 'who knows'. As a con was attended, stickers were acquired and thrown in a folder over the years. The end result, is what you see below, and is now up for auction.

Who Should Bid

Anyone that supports 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations that promote security. "Huh?!" you say? All proceeds of this auction are being donated to the Open Security Foundation (OSF), maintainers of the Open Source Vulnerability Database and the DatalossDB project.

Anyone who likes stickers should bid. Bosses, get them for your employees. Security types, get them for your laptops, hacker spaces or your local neighborhood cards that need spicing up. Collectors get them to satisfy that irrational need to collect odd things.

Auction Details

To make this even more fun, the auction will change just a bit depending on what the bid reaches. Initial bids are for the stickers seen in the pictures below. For some, there are multiples, others are a single sticker.

If the auction reaches $75.00, I will throw in one OSF shirt (either OSVDB or DatalossDB, your choice).

If the auction reaches $100.00, I will throw in one attrition.org flask featuring Lazlo, overlord of HNN along with one OSF shirt.

If the auction reaches $200.00 or higher, I will turn it into a box of shit that includes the stickers, two shirts, one flask and whatever else I can find lying around here. Rest assured, the 'additional stuff' likely won't have much value, if any. But it will be a fun time if you open it in mixed company.

If the auction reaches $250.00 or higher, HNN will throw in a shirt, especially if it is used to strangle poor Lazlo. =(

Bottom Line

We know you're too busy to help on OSVDB or DatalossDB, don't have the interest in volunteering, whatever. But, you can now help out in a small way while benefiting yourself with a unique box of swag.


The Stickers


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