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I'm so slack. In March of 2004, Free Dominguez of Kidney Thieves mailed me thanking me for my review of Trickster. She also informed me that she was branching out on a solo project under her own name and offered to send me a promo copy. Of course I said yes, then failed to post a review in a timely fashion. But, better late than never eh?

After a year and a half of being on my main playlist, I finally got around to it. And yes, the entire album is on my playlist. Given there are less than 10 full albums on the playlist, that speaks pretty damn highly of it. I previously described her work with KT as "fierce and emotional", with "controlled and powerful rage and excitement" after listening to what would most likely be classified as industrial. I was quite surprised to find her solo project the polar opposite of a fierce industrial sound.

Rather than driving angrily on an LA freeway, I find myself chilling out with a beer by candle light instead. Her new album consists of a clear and beautiful voice accompanied by acoustic guitar in what would likely be classified a 'folk' style. That's all, nice and simple, a reminder of times when music talent rested in the artist, not with post production and marketing campaigns. Obviously with a description like that, it's hard to convey the sound since it could apply to hundreds of artists. As such, I'd encourage you check out her web site where she has it set up to listen to samples. Additionally, she is also releasing samples of her latest work on her myspace profile. I'm looking forward to hearing the new work, especially the collaborative effort of _Insider_.

Songs to specifically check out:

If any radio stations are bright enough to break away from the music industries tired force feeding of no-talent artists, I predict they would be interested in 'Around the Sun' as it sounds most like the song for mass consumption.

- jericho

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