AntiOnline Under Investigation
June 10, 1999
Brian Martin - Founder of ATTRITION

Today, Attrition staff learned that the FBI have opened investigations into
John Vranesevich and AntiOnline. Trusted sources close to the investigation
would not comment on the depth or details, but one agent would state "it
has been going on longer than you think".

When asked if Vranesevich's recent "change of mission" was in any way related
to the investigation, the agent only replied "no comment at this time." 

The timing of this investigation coincides with AntiOnline's change of heart
regarding hacker activity and law enforcement. After a shocking change of
mission statement in which Vranesevich practically admits to crime, he pledges 
to help law enforcement by "helping to serve, even if in some very small way."

Vranesevich goes on to say "I have been watching you these past 5 years. I 
know how you do the things you do, why you do the things you do, and I know 
who you are." This ominous threat was not received well by the hacker 
community. A hacker called "h4r1k1r1" said "JP's 'contribution' to the
hacker community has been little more than creating FUD, and promoting 
the puerile ideals of script kiddies worldwide."

One staff member from Attrition going by Punkis reminded us of the now
prophetic words from Vranesevich, who said "I could make just as much, if 
not more money, by hunting down hackers and turning them in." These words
were said by Vranesevich on April 5th of this year.

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(FUD means 'Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt')