Attrition Staff Mugs Lady Luck
Tue Jul  6 18:31:36 MDT 1999

It's that time of year again, Defcon has descended upon us. Time to venture
to SYN City to see the lights, meet strange new people, and create new
blurs we later dub memories.

This year you're in luck (hah), as the five members of Attrition staff will all
be there. After we finish repairs on the black helicopter later this evening,
we should be landing (quietly) early Wednesday morning. Arriving in style!

Want to meet us wacky bastards? Wanna know what we look like?
Ok, so maybe we've changed a bit, but you can still buy us booze. We like
booze. Pictures with the staff cost one dollar per staff member, or a special
of six bucks for all of us.

But seriously, at various times you can find us wearing official Attrition 
'staff' shirts, or maybe pimping out our smooth new HackerNews shirts,
courteous of the weirdo with the blue hair. Mind you, our punkis
will be there with green hair this year.

What are we doing.. oh yeah! Punkis will be doing a section on the newbie
track all about TCP/IP. If we're lucky, Modify will also be doing a newbie track
covering various scanning and recon techniques. Cancer will stand around looking suave,
being our body guard. Remember, he's the armed one, so don't mess with him.
Jericho will be doing a talk called "Fakes walk among us" sometime on Sunday
after we dig him out of the local dumpster.

As you might have guessed, the real reason for writing this is to let you
know that Attrition won't get a lot of updates while we are gone. We'll do our
best to catch mirrors, update with any late breaking news, or anything else
that might cross our collective mind.

In the mean time, enjoy what's here, and please don't deface us or RM us
until we get back. Thanks!


p.s. If you find Mcintyre, go up to him and say "I want to get jiggy on yer wiggy"
and he'll buy you a beer. Honest.