Random News and Happenings
Sat Sep  9 22:37:57 MDT 2000

Several things going on with Attrition, I'll try to make it quick.

1. Wrlwnd has resigned his post as our crypto-whore. As a result, our
   crypto archive will not be updated near as frequently. We wish him
   well as he sinks his teeth (farther) into that thing called 
   a "day job".

2. Munge has relocated, finally escaping hell^H^H^H^HTexas. As a result,
   relevant updates to the site centered around his time are on hold.

3. Mcintyre has been fraternizing in California looking for poodles.

4. Null has been out of town consulting, so the mirror has not been 
   updated near as much. 

5. That has left one person to take all the mirrors (me) for the past
   week. As a result, we have missed some defacements here and there.
   Deal with it. On top of my own day job activity, health problems
   and everything else, I have been slow in responding to mail as 
   well. Deal with it.

6. Hell froze over apparently. This box has stayed up over 83 days
   and still going. Odds are it will crash as I post this news blurb.

   10:37pm  up 83 days,  3:09,  4 users,  load average: 1.16, 0.93, 0.89

7. Just a reminder to everyone. This is a hobby site. We are not paid 
   for our efforts, so when requesting (read: demanding) us to do something,
   think about it as we tell you "no".