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We're too lazy to install real blog software and don't believe in the "cloud", so this page will serve as a focal point for offering our comments and rebuttal to various security related blogs, articles or tweets that demand more than a 140 character response. Please read the original article being rebutted to understand the author's point of view. These replies are not (typically) meant to be a "you are wrong, we are right", rather to add perspective and commentary. Or the replies may make personal or ad hominem attacks, because we're selectively juvenile and immature.

13.03.11 - Rebuttal: Cybewar, Part 73 [@DesmondHolden]

13.01.03 - Rebuttal: Missing the Value of Bug Bounties [@wh1t3rabbit]

12.12.31 - Rebuttal: Worst Anecdote ...EVER. [@wh1t3rabbit]

12.12.25 - Rebuttal: Put Up or Shut Up Rafal [@wh1t3rabbit]

12.12.16 - Rebuttal: phpMyAdmin XSS - A Quick Commentary [@wh1t3rabbit]

12.12.11 - Rebuttal: eBay's Sub-Domains Vulnerable to XSS ...again [@wh1t3rabbit]

12.12.05 - Rebuttal: Yes, I have. Have you really? (on Cyberwar) [@wh1t3rabbit]

12.10.18 - Rebuttal: Dear Cyber Avengers; Encouragement and a Gift [for @Beaker and @Raistolo]

12.08.10 - Rebuttal: For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out... [Bischoff, Roberts, FireChiefMag]

12.06.03 - Rebuttal: Got One Part Right; You Fail [Mikko Hypponen, F-Secure]

12.03.07 - Rebuttal: Bingo Motherfucker [Daniel Cornell, Denim Group]

11.07.25 - Rebuttal: We Are InfoSec Professionals... Not The Beatles [Malik, Infosec Island]

11.07.11 - Rebuttal: Matthew Hughes, Puppy Kicker [@matthewhughes]

11.07.08 - Rebuttal: The Pyrrhic Benefit of FUD [Jorgensen, Infosec Island]

11.07.07 - Rebuttal: Microsoft, Unhackable and Ridiculous [John Howie, Microsoft]

11.06.29 - Rebuttal: The Curious Case of Sam Bowne [@sambowne]

11.06.28 - Rebuttal: Paul C Dwyer, ICTTF and LulzSec

11.06.24 - Rebuttal: Ponemon on Network Breaches [Richmond/Ponemon]

11.06.23 - Rebuttal: Northrop Grumman, Cyber-gangs, APT and 0-day [Messmer]

11.06.17 - Rebuttal: The difference between curmudgeon and curmudgeon [@shrdlu]

11.06.16 - Rebuttal: LulzSec Ups The Ante [Brian Honan]

11.05.27 - A Curmudgeonly Reply to an Anti-Curmudgeon Rant (in two parts)

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