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Wed Aug 30 18:27:24 EDT 2006


Beginning July 15, 2008, Open Security Foundation is the new host of DataLossDB, which will serve as a community-driven project for information about data breaches that involve personally identifying information. In the near future, Attrition.org's data loss resources will be completely migrated to DataLossDB, so please make sure to bookmark DataLossDB for updates. Until the migration is complete, you can track all of this information through our Data Loss RSS feed or the DataLossDB RSS feed.

DLDOS (Data Loss Database - Open Source) is a simple flat comma seperated value file that can be imported into your database of choice, whether it be MySQL, Microsoft Access, or Oracle (good luck). We provide the date, the company that reported the breach, the type of data impacted, the number of records impacted, third party companies involved, and a few other sortable items that may be of interest. At this point, attrition.org is not hosting an actual database itself, but the raw data is free and available for non-commercial use as long as attrition.org is credited for the use of said data. Really, we're not trying to be jerks, but if you're going to use our data in your research, be it a web site or paper written for a commercial entity, please contact us. A key for DLDOS is also available.

Attrition.org's main data loss page can be found here:


Attrition.org's Data Loss Mail List information:


Please feel free to use this information, build on it, grow on it, and share it. Updates to the raw data will be provided by attrition.org weekly, if not daily. Share and share alike; distribute and learn.

Update: As of June 4, 2008, DLDOS now holds over 1,000 breaches covering over 330 million records. Please update your stories and blogs accordingly.

Download the Database!

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Copyright 2005-2008 by attrition.org. Permission is granted to use this database in non-profit works and research. Use of the DLDOS for commercial interests requires authorization and licensing arrangements. For more information, please e-mail staff@attrition.org with a brief summary of how you would like to use this information; product, service, research, etc.

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