Postal Installment #0012

sex FUCK sorry

everyone comes to the party

but we forgot to invite apacid

this is a song about aliens

always willing to lend a hand

they call him tater

day late, dollar short

obviously meant for comega

age doesn't matter

sound advice

global cheese ninja strikeforce

day's never finished, master's got me working..

services rendered

everybody wangsta chung tonight

what a bitch

you can't only eat one


plugging up the holes

squirrel on the run

we love you long time

in other words, we win

sailing the seas of cheese

moop.. moop.. moop.

the squirrels are nice here

when stupid meets mean

dumbfuck checker

a plea for sanity

he works hard for the money

the language of love

so sayeth the father

getting right to the point

there's a reason for everything

a fair assessment

asparagus for the soul

we always try to help

a simple solution

we want to pump you up (was re: where's dookie?)

always been an issue

the wimmen strike back

enlightenment will occur

like a little rubber ball

terms of service

quid pro quo

my name is.. my name is.. my name is..

when you scrape the bottom of the barrel, stuff floats to the top

hi my name is john

but does the carpet match the drapes?

call 'em like you see 'em

it was a simple request

i luv teh gunz0rz

que macaco do caralho

it's just a game

cancer = psychic?

fsck, thanks anyway (DEEEEEEEP web)

it makes sense if you THINK

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