Concert: Praga Khan / Lords of Acid

Venue: The Palace in Hollywood, CA

Date: 3.10.00

I have to be honest, I went to this show not really knowing what to expect. Untill I got to the venue I didn't even know who the opening act was. Before the show started I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. While standing in line some old bag lady was babbling about seeing Jimmi Hendrix and the Doors back in the day and how she needed a man with a 12' dick. I think she might have had 2 teeth. She was commenting on how the people in line were a bunch of freaks. Once inside, there was a guy walking around wearing nothing but a jock and a tank-top. Naturally there was a handful of rave kiddies. Well, this is Hollywood after all.

Praga Kahn opened and I have to admit I was pretty impressed. They are pretty much in the same genre as Lords of Acid, industrial with a bit of electronica thrown in for good measure. Praga was backed up by a guitarist, a guy beating the living shit out of a set of electronic drums, and for some of the songs a gorgues red-head femme type. Praga Khan put on a very good set, a total of mabey 9 or 10 songs.

There was rumor of another band playing before Lords of Acid but I guess it wasn't true as Lords took the stage about 20 minutes later. The band consisted of the lead singer, Lady Galore, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, and Praga from Praga Khan on the keyboard/synthesizer. For those of you new to Lords of Acid, a good majority of their songs have to do with sex and bondage.

The Palace is a fairly small venue consisting of th main floor and a small balcony. The mail floor was packed for the Lords of Acid set. I managaed to get down into the middle of the main floor. The music was loud and fast and it was hard not to really get into it. The crowd really got into it.

Lords put on a energetic set consisting of probably 10 songs. For some of the songs they invited members of the audience onto the stage to dance/grind with Lady Galore. For one of the final songs on of the most incredible looking blondes I have ever seen in my life was spanking another girl from the audience who they handcuffed to a rack on the stage.

Over all, this was an excellent show. I think even someone attending who wasn't into this type of music would have enjoyed themselves. Over the past I have really opened myself up to alot of new styles of music and have not regretted it a bit.

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