Attrition Makeover From Hell
Sun Jan 16 18:53:44 MST 2000

For those of you misguided souls who access our site via the /news link,
we would like to point out the big makeover on our front page.

I have recently employed the web designer talent at and cursed her
with the web challenge that stumped all others. To come up with a new front page
for the Attrition site. Why is that such a challenge? Because I am opposed to 
anything but the most simple of HTML. After much nagging.. i mean consulting,
she finally pursuaded me to accept tables, standard HTML technique and more.
All of that headache and hassle for a measly $21.00 too. Why do consultants put
up with my bitchy ass I wonder?

One of the reasons for change were several complaints that the site was difficult
to navigate. Hopefully the expanded topics and additional links will make it
less of a challenge to our loyal users. If this new design does not make it 
easier to nagivate, you can blow me.. i mean, mail me and I will see what can
be done.