The Truth about Who R U on AntiOnline

There are several contradictions and injustices being done with this
"feature" of AntiOnline. In the matter of one day, the staff at 
AntiOnline manage to break a copyright (for the fourth time), convict
a hacker of a crime before any court can, and move to new levels
of hypocrisy and self contradiction.

AntiOnline's FOURTH Clear Copyright Violation
AntiOnline convict Kevin Mitnick: In February 1995 he helped several online service and Internet companies track down computer hacker Kevin Mitnick, who had stolen software and electronic mail from Shimomura's computers. [Kevin Mitnick has not been found guilty of any charges related to Mr. Shimomura, and he has not plead guilty to any charges related to it. In fact, no charges have been pressed Mitnick regarding any of Shimomura's computers.]
One of Vranesevich's arguments and weak "justifications" for attacking me is claiming I am one of the "heads of hacker culture". In fact, he lists some of them including me: Pete Shipley - aka "Evil Pete", runs the official Defcon Mail List, and Michael Schiffman - aka "route", editor of Phrack "Christan Valor" - aka "se7en", known for his mission against child pornography "Craig Whitmore" - aka "Modify", works with MeaCulpa on Brian Martin - aka "Jericho" aka "MeaCulpa", runs Yet on his new list of "Well Known People in the 'Industry'", we can only find a single of the above names. Only 'route' is singled out in the 'Who R U' section. The other 4? We are only leaders when it suits his needs it seems.
Another interesting hypocrisy comes out here. Vranesevich write an entire "news" article and implies that NFR and l0pht are engaged in some unethical business practice. Looking beyond the fact that AntiOnline is engaged in the same thing they accuse others of, lets compare AntiOnline's comments about Mudge: The correlation? The Deth Vegetable, as well as several other Cult Of The Dead Cow Members (including Mudge and DilDog) are also members of L0pht Heavy Industries (according to membership lists posted on both and [This is AO trying to establish Mudge is engaged in unethical business practices.] Mudge is a security consultant, and a member of L0pht Heavy Industries. He is considered one of the most respected of the 'White Hat Hackers', has appeared in dozens of publications, and has testified in front of Congress. So once again, depending on AntiOnline's needs, we have differing opinions on a member of the hacker/security community.