--- Official Announcement ---


It's official!  CuervoCon 2000 is upon us in a new
locale with speakers, events, and drunken forays
into Mexico.  Please join 303 and our Texas friends
for a weekend of old-skool H/P, drinking, and guns.

Please read this short announcement, and then visit for detailed information,
including speaker lists, maps, reservation
information, car caravans, airports, etc.

What is it?

        CuervoCon is booze, guns and hacking at the
        Mexican border in Texas.

When is it?

        CuervoCon is January 22 and 23, 2000.

Where is it?

        CuervoCon is in Laredo, TX this year, about
        50 feet from the Mexican Border.


        We are staying at the Laredo Howard Johnson.
        If you make reservations, be sure to tell
        them you are with the group 'CC2K' - you will
        receive a group rate of $62 per night for a
        single OR double.

        Phone: 877-722-2411

        You can share a room, but there can be no more
        than two people to a room (according to the


        You can fly directly to Laredo, but that will
        be somewhat expensive - if you do, it is
        better to transfer through Houston rather than

        Otherwise you can fly to San Antonio and drive
        to Laredo (about 2.5 hours) - please see the
        web site for carpool information and maps, etc.

Other info?

        Information like what you need to go to Mexico,
        what you should bring in terms of computers,
        speakers, and events is all at the web site.


        Confirmed speakers include drno, kozubik, mrman,
        wasted, and our MC, Apok0lyps - please let us
        know if you are interested in speaking - topics
        include "network security" and firearms.

REMEMBER - visit the web site (
and make your hotel reservations ASAP - and remember to
tell them you are with the 'CC2K' group.

Contact information for CC2K organizers can also be found
at the web site.