Postal Installment #0013

so double the killer delete select all

1 in 2903840293842938023

but she was almost 16, officer...

lurvin malvu

hit all three, win a prize

lady blog problems (was re: tard)


neurological disorders indeed

highly compressed

finally, a nice one

one smart puter

nothing... (sad clowns)

bowl of dicks, extra salt

lernin iznt eezy

they like what they see

slowly shaking our heads

even osvdb isn't safe

need... more... coffee...

a moment of zen

one in every crowd

a tribute to josh (#1 in a series)

keep it in the family

flirt squirt blurt


for those who ever doubted

the definition of inane

generation grudge

shades of mick jagger

providing public service

slow learner


free trade

one-stop movie shop

Happy Holidays - Welcome to Staff Postal

For only the second time ever, the staff and volunteers at reveal our "uber-intellect" and "inner workings" to you, the reader. We sometimes discuss information security, vulnerabilities, and world politics. Most of the time, we talk about gaming, ass sex, poor grammar, and chugging cock. Before we proceed, a few words of holiday cheer from us:

Jericho: staff postal: my xmas list.
1.) more 24 hour food places that deliver
2.) liquor store that delivers
3.) for it to be legal to use a high powered rifle from my balcony
4.) for postfix to mysteriously break and to never get mail again

Cancer Omega: Christmas is the greatest. You gotta love a holiday where we can all gather around a dead tree and eat candy out of oversized socks. And in the spirit of the season, remember that everyone is special in their own way. And I don't mean warm-fuzzy-happy special; I mean 'special' as in they're all a bunch of short-bus ridin' motherfuckers who live only because killing them ain't worth the effort.

Mage: I only have four wishes for this holiday season:
1.) comega finally realizes that ROT-13 is NOT a form of anal lubricant
2.) jericho will start doing live video chats
3.) I work up the nerve to tell lyger how i really feel about him after all this time admiring him from a distance.
4.) e-mail spammers are rounded up and provided constant battery-acid enemas for all of 2007.

btw, who's providing the sheep this year? last year's were too damn fussy...

Malvu: Hey everyone. An occasional email wouldn't hurt. Nobody mailed me last year, and believe me, I NEED it. Tear me up with some hot chat and maybe I'll respond... wanna play "show and tell"? At least I beat my own world record for anal insertions with hard drives... how big is your "Western Digital"? *wink*

Czarina: 3 things I want:
1.) A hot Jewish boy with a big nose and a big cock.
2.) For my dog to stop thinking that she is Stewie and I am Lois.
3.) Jericho to answer when he gets an IM from me.

Martums: Fuck christmas, fuck new years, fuck santa and his stocking full of coal year after year, jolly fat mother fucker, I hope a reindeer breaks an antler off in your ass. Fuck who's been naughty and nice. Fuck Dick Clark, his toupee, and his puppeteers. Fuck everyone who's in such a chipper holiday spirit. Fuck all the assholes who are so politically-fucking-correct they can't say merry fuck-you christmas, even if they're socialist anarchists who don't celebrate. Fuck Adam Sandler and that stupid fucking song. ARGH!!! Fuck getting socks as gifts, fuck not getting a PS3 or a fucking Wii. Fuck Sony's exploding batteries, their shitty laptops, and their lousy earbuds. Fuck Tom and Katie and Rosy and Paris and all those other asshats. Fuck the MPAA, the RIAA, their attorneys, and their petty ways. And Happy fucking New Year. Fuck off.

nepen: All poor nepen wants for a holiday she doesn't celebrate (why not take advantage?) is a brand spankin' new Burdizzo. Smallest size possible, plz. Here kiddies...

Tangent: The top three things I want for the holidays this year:
1.) Send Bush and Cheney to Iran and then tell them that they're on a TSA no-fly list and can't get back into this country for 40 years. And if Santa wants to be really good to me, put Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, and all Jehovah's Witnesses on the trip with them.
2.) Notarized confirmation - from someone other than Lyger - that anal sex with him is a prerequesite for root on Attrition.
3.) Bill Clinton announcing that he's running for president in '08 so that sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll can return to their rightful place in the White House.

Lyger: Three things I want for the holidays (this year):
1.) The ability to juggle... something other than my balls.
2.) For Taki to STFU at 5:30am so I can SLEEP FOR ANOTHER HOUR. Bitch.
3.) BFBSRIMF. Free gallery pass to the first person who can figure out the acronym.

happy holidays. enjoy "staff postal - take two"

ass-first down the chimney

dumb chicks can be fun

strategic positioning

the force feels too

p1ng... p0ng

must have been good shit

what a guess

bend over and touch your toes

first date


we wish you a merry xmas

we want our two dollars

when gang bangs go bad


aging gracefully

... except shoot guns and answer email

another satisfied customer

at least he was honest

not just aol

log log log log

0mf6 c0d3z

logic hits home

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