Postal Installment #0014

the cow was not pleased

mushroom stamp

politics still suck

a tribute to josh (#4 in a series)

everyone duck

a different kind of abuse

you want the truth?



OSVDB: yeah, we want one of those too

no idea who she means

burlap itches at 3am

too good to be true, the sequel

google it, bitch

the pain of a relationship

legendary patience


ay oh hell

OSVDB: "how can i should know"

a serious question

do your worst

a move of desperation

Folder: cluebag Message 1 of 1,686 (so much retardation in one folder)

too good to be true

they probably still have AOL

assless leather chaps

most. annoying. postal. ever.

blast from the past

a tribute to josh (#3 in a series)

osvdb, your new yahoo support team

karnak he isn't

surprise, you're dead!

battle for the ages

at least our readers win

pleased to meet you. won't you guess my name?

a private conversation

wild wild net

one track mind


strangers in the night

how can i should know

more sound advice

tit for tat

me love you long time

sleep, be cute, eat, poop

never bullshit a bullshitter

love ya always

do. not. mess. with. the. women.

not quite NAFTA

a tribute to josh (#2 in a series)

"need some porn fuck" (asked the right guy)

much much love

ermmm... no

not just us

nothing personal

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