Hiatus - No updates for a short while
Tue Aug 24 08:20:15 MDT 1999

As you may have seen, updates have slown down a bit over the past two weeks.
Odds are they will cease all together until Sept 5th roughly. And yes, this
is being written to clear up any rumors that inevitably surface.

First off, the crypto library, text archive, and defacement mirror will all
continue to be updated on a daily basis. Unlike some of us, the admins that
take care of those sections are responsible and dedicated to providing 
superior service to the public.

The rest of us are working and/or travelling. Despite the wonderful age
of technology in the form of laptops, PCMCIA modems, and 800 dialins
(read: email slave), a few of us will not be logging on much. In the mean 
time, enjoy the resources we have here. Continue to check out other sites
like HNN, Security Focus, and OSALL.