Juliette and the Licks

Speaking My Language


Hey Juliette,

You may be too young to remember Y Kan't Tori Read, but the album flopped. Why? Because Tori Amos didn't utilize her real vocal talent, rather she tried to make an album that the masses might accept. It didn't work and the album was a disaster.

A decade later, enter 'Speaking My Language' and I have to think the same thing. In a few years, will you go on to have incredible success in the music industry despite an opening album that only has value to die-hard collectors? I sure hope so! Look at the difference between 'Y Kan't Tori Read' and 'Little Earthquakes'.

'Speaking My Language' is your first album, marketed for what you feel is mass appeal. I hope. In a couple of years, I hope you realize that your true talent lie elsewhere and create a second album full of incredible, talented, passionate hits, that reflect the real you. Think back to the movie Strange Days and your singing in it. The covers of 'Hardly Wait' and 'Rid of Me' were passionate, sultry and showed you have raw vocal talent.

Using your voice, not your overbearing guitar is where it's at. Drop the attempt at 'rock' and let the passion flow from you again. You have a great voice, true feeling, and the ability to become part of your music.



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