Mon Jul  5 20:16:30 MDT 1999

  You want to see immature? I'll show you why Attrition is on our denied 
  referer list. He has several links on his site, such as the one below which 
  was designed to trigger our IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), and post this 
  pathetic message in our logs. It has nothing to do with 'being afraid of
  competition', and everything to do with squashing an annoying bug that keeps 
  buzzing in my ear. And until I decide to start up a temple of hate of my 
  own, I don't consider Attrition competition.

         As found at:

[This single mailbag entry is extremely amusing. In this one paragraph,
 John Vranesevich shows how flawed his thinking, his rationale,
 and his site really is. And before any of you AO groupies call
 this 'nitpicking', consider that if these are such small points,
 why couldn't he get them right to begin with?

 1. In his typical style, he says we have several links that
    trigger them, yet he quotes the ONE that really exists. several != one.

 2. This still doesn't explain why HackerNews, DisOrg, OSALL, or other sites
    are blocked. This is a weak attempt to divert attention from the
    truth that AntiOnline DOES fear the truth.

 3. He calls Attrition a 'Temple of Hate', yet he rants and raves
    about his dislike for malicious hackers. Hypocrisy anyone?]

First off, if my claims were invalid, Harvard wouldn't have shut the site down. As for me "not being who I claim to be". Well, I claim to be a security enthusiast, and since I do this stuff full time, that makes me, by definition, a professional. Although I don't claim to be the world's leading expert by any stretch of the imagination, I think the fact that nearly every malicious hacker on the planet has been trying to break into our network this week, and has been very unsuccessful in doing so, shows that I'm at least on the rigth track, don't you think? [How many lies can we endure? 1. More attempts to duck out of previous blunders. Security enthusiast? Lets look at all the various terms JP has used. 2. "Every malicious hacker on the planet" trying to break into AntiOnline? These are the kind of statements that just beg people to laugh at him. Delusions of importance for sure.]