Attrition Custom Wallpaper

Courtesy of Kiera at, the following wallpapers are available for free in various sizes to meet your desktop/spanking needs. The latest additions are listed first. There are also other custom attrition images as well.

fractal This is an obvious attempt to have fun with the idea of virtual girlies. She isn't real, so don't get your boxers in a knot. Or panties, for that matter. Please try not to rub anything on your monitor. Rendered in Poser, post-work in Photoshop. Enjoy. || Download: [1024x768] - [1152x864]

latex Most sane people would think that this chick looks like a goth heroin addict looking for a fix. I think she's cute. I rendered her in Poser, using transparency maps from Creed3D for the latex suit and my own custom reflection maps to make it look, well, like latex. The body texture is based on a texture by someone else, considerably abused in Photoshop to give it that oh-so-gawth feel. The wall background is a texture from some one gazillion and one texture CDs I got a long time ago, and the "poster" is just another attrition wallpaper manipulated in Photoshop. I added drop shadows to the chick and the poster to add depth, and played around with some lighting effects. Total creation time: about 4 hours. Happy New Year. || Download: [1152x864] - [1024x768] - [800x600]

fractal So I was fooling around with Fractal Explorer, one of KPTs most time sucking filters, when suddenly, out of nowhere, I had created a malignant alien cancerous tumor virus thing. I played with some layer effects to bring out the deeper red tones, and decided someone had to see this Mandelbrot inspired alien thing. I gingerly mailed it off to cult hero, who said cool, slap attrition on that thing and let me distro it. Perhaps a psychiatrist could help him. God knows I can't. || Download: [1152x864] - [1024x768] - [800x600]

attritia The original Attrition wallpaper. Attritia's clothing comes from Nerd, this cool Poser guy who lets digital art hacks like me look good when they use his stuff. I did some heavy texture manipulation and added little sparkles to make her look especially neat. Or something. Her wings are a manipulated preset from Kai's filters for Photoshop. I did the original image over 2 years ago, and felt she needed some updating. So I her blurred up, sharpened the contrast, deepened the wing color, took out the old saying, and updated it with a new one that I felt fit attrition to the tee. Cult hero liked it. || Download: [1152x864] - [1024x768] - [800x600]

attrition grey The figure, as usual, is a Poser figure, but I rendered it with depth cueing instead of texture to give it a ghostly appearance. The pose and weapon are freebies I picked up from the Poser community at some unknown time. I tweaked the view, rendered, and voila! Ghostly poser chick ready to be plopped into a desktop. I filled the background with a soft grey gradient and added the target lines and circle. I plugged in and added some fun layer effects to give it a subtle metallic flavor. Then I played with the screen effect and added some highlights for what seemed like hours, and as a final addition I inserted an 'A' in the Bonzai font. I ran it through an action called Nightcrawler that I picked up from the action xchange, then tweaked the colors to my liking and used the airbrush and blending modes to make it look ultra shiny. I cleaned up the edges to make them sharp and added a translucent drop shadow. Then I said enough fucking procrastinating, and grudgingly went back to writing essays. || Download: [1152x864] - [1024x768] - [800x600]

attrition blackhole Blackhole is my first try at an image composite. (It shows huh? SHUT UP!) I used the slutty chick from my web site that I made in Fractal Design Poser for the centerpiece of the image. I think the pose comes from one of those free Poser sites, but I honestly don't recall who made it. Then I grabbed an image with all sorts of fun technical drawings from, and merged it with a grid background and a soft blue gradient in Photoshop 6.0 using various blending modes. But something was missing. She obviously needed to have a friend in the image. So I dug through my NASA photo archive and resurrected an image I used on my old web site. After much blending, erasing, and manipulating, I had a blackhole type image in the corner. Then I realized that someone, somewhere, might find completely naked breasts (hi, google porn crawler) distressing, so I sort of masked them with a translucent gradient bar and added fun effects to "" using the killer layer styles palette in Photoshop 6.0. I dropped in a fun lightstream emanating from the center of the whirlygig, and that was it. Then I mailed it, and cult hero said "cool. can you make me another one? and do all these thumbnails? and make a new web page?!" I cried into my coffee cup and agreed. || Download: [1152x864] - [1024x768] - [800x600]

attrition logo The snazzy Attrition logo. Use this for letterhead, t-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, signs, banners, car doors, skywriting, hats, calendars, condoms, mousepads and other corporate material (provided you do not profit off it). || Download: [Color] - [Black/White] - [Attrition A (iPhone)]

dark android lazloo For Android users, Mar created a 'Dark' Lazlo for a background, as well as the standard Attrition 'A'. || Download: [Dark Lazlo (Android)] - [Attrition A (Android)]

iSquirrel.jpg For general fun and mayhem, or possibly a background on your Mac-based music providing machine, we offer you the iSquirrel. || Download: [iSquirrel]

You are welcome to use these images for non-commercial purposes only. Some of the materials and software used to create these images have non-commercial clauses attached to them. In other words, don't rip us off.

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