Every so often, the staff at run into someone that decides to poke us. Or perhaps they mail, we poke them and they poke back. Many such asshats can be found buried in previous postal entries, where we link to their first mail to give context to follow-up. In other cases, we may write up something a bit more entertaining and catalog them here. Consider this page a repository of people one step above regular postal candidates, and likely one step shy of moving into Wrath of the Impotent.

Joseph K. Black wants to be National Cybersecurity Advisor and a Charlatan. Ends up he is just an asshat.
Jon Lybrook of WordSecure doesn't like the fact that we posted his company's spam on Errata. Gets mild 'revenge' on us. b00-h00.
Nicholas Lemonias of Advanced Information Security Online is prone to legal threats demanding people take down what he voluntarily published. Oh, and apparent plagiarist.

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