Attrition Down?! THE WORLD IS ENDING!
Wed May 9 12:22:41 MDT 2001

We're aware of the down time. In an attempt to curb any fun filled rumors that spring up..

The box was not taken by federal agents, lost in a CIA created earthquake, hacked, defaced or anything else. There were two problems that caused it to fall over this morning. First, there were drive errors on /dev/hda2 (our primary filesystem with those important directories). That has been fixed (as much as you can say that doing fsck on a live file system from 2000 miles away). The second problem was the small DoS attack. On top of a normal flood, the amount of loser script kiddies running NT exploits against our web server is staggering. Let me clue you in kids.. THIS IS A LINUX BOX RUNNING APACHE. Try to exploit us properly please. When the kids either grow up or their parents put them on the bus to grade school, it will hopefully stop.

Any mail we get about the down time will verly likely be met with hostility. I am personally sick and tired of some of these chimps mailing in with snide comments about changing the hamster in the box, "always being down", etc etc. That is a load of shit. Don't like our uptime? Quit visiting the site and you won't have to worry about it anymore.

10/00   + 9:42am  up 122 days, 14:22,  5 users,  load average: 0.64, 0.48, 0.34

03/01   + 4:56am  up 151 days, 16:05,  9 users,  load average: 3.59, 2.59, 2.17

Given the crappy old hardware this is run on, no staff member being local to the box, etc.. we keep a VERY good uptime on it. Trust me, you will live if you don't get to see the latest defacement. Defacers, don't mail us and whine that we missed your latest handywork. So what? It's the same pointless drivel as yesterday, and the day before and the day before.

In short, this is random (but somewhat expected) downtime.

Thanks everyone for the offer of hardware donations, but we are fine. All linux drives that go a year+ with no maintenance or fsck are bound to have problems. =)