Postal Installment #0007

are we there yet?

purchase it back

I hope life gets better for you.

dump him

can i charge them an asshole fee?

how to lose a debate in 1 email

yahoo mail doesn't check IQ obviously

pontificate is a stupid word

sTuPiD nAmE tOo

common question actually

good intel

AOL, AV and Assholes - 3 A's of Postal

we want your money

Anti-Virus Specialist

my honest opinion will cost you


Camerala aka Da hottie

You are hereby ordered ..

Gravity Works


DownSyndrome Defac3r will hax0r u

designated ranter

i'm so slack

the crays are working

hoax or next episode of Alias

too little service for cost, free

but it was optimized!

actually no, i just hate HTML

call me god

obvious professional

backpeddling 101



AOL should pay me soon

it's a good trial


no thanks


lost me at 'wow'

can't affeer it!

did i win?

it's a short list

think of Cambodia


back to the grind

8 minute response time

she so wants me


no pix for me =(

but thanks for writing

smrt pilot

you sure?

Y2K4 hitting us bad


you asked

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