AntiOnline Tracks F0rpaxe
 Tuesday, June 29, 1999 at 14:00:15
 by John Vranesevich - Founder of AntiOnline

 AntiOnline investigations into the recent wave of attacks being
 done by a group known as 'F0rpaxe' has led to the discovery of
 the true-life-identity of the group's leader, aka m1crochip.

[These 'investigations' were nothing more than the discovery of
 another page that did all the footwork for JP. This
 page has been up for two months previous to this article.]

 F0rpaxe is known to have broken into over 130 servers in the past
 two months, belonging to dozens of different organizations,


 F0rpaxe officially 'Declared War' against the US government after
 the FBI raided several malicious hackers, including individuals
 known to be members of the 'gH' hacking group, which is believed
 to be responsible for attacks against the White House's Website.

[So nice of JP to convict these people of the crimes before any
 court of law did. Calling them "malicious hackers" is outright
 libel until convicted in a court of law.]

 F0rpaxe released a statement earlier this month which read in


 F0rpaxe's latest attack took place yesterday, against servers at

[Wrong, the latest attack took place on 6.28.99 and was
 the UNC School of Information and Library Science 
 (  That was the most recent.  UCLA was 
 previous to this one.]

 AntiOnline was able to gain the name and phone number of
 m1crochip, who lives in the city of Perafita, Portugal, shortly
 after a request for information came in.

[AntiOnline was able to gain this information from the previously
 mentioned web page, not through their own research. On top of that,
 according to m1crochip and independant research, the information
 is almost all wrong.]

 Note: AntiOnline will not release information on this individual
 to the general public.

[AntiOnline won't, but the original page will.]